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| IMZ-NS104M

Sony IMZ-NS104M Realshot Manager Advanced - Intelligent Monitoring Software 4-channel license

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This product is discontinued, an alternative model is the Milestone XProtect Professional+

Overview of the Sony IMZ-NS104M

The Sony IMZ-NS100M series of Intelligent Monitoring Software allows you to monitor and control IP cameras from systems large and small. It is suitable for use on a single site with one server or for multiple site operations, such as retail chains, with multiple servers connected to the system.

This software allows easy system setup and configuration through its intuitive interface. A multiple site system can all be managed from one central location. The software’s intelligent monitoring features make security surveillance more effective and more effortless at the same time. The Sony IMZ-NS100M surveillance control software handles Megapixel and High-Definition video inputs as well as standard IP cameras. And now with support for a wide range of Axis and IQeye cameras, as well as Sony, this software offers a complete surveillance solution for many different CCTV installations.

This Sony IMZ-NS104M software package is a 4-channel license which allows up to 4 cameras to be connected. It can be upgraded to support up to 32 cameras per recording server.

Sony IMZ-NS104M - Key benefits:

  • A scalable security system, Sony Realshot Manager Advanced can be set up in a client/server configuration using multiple recording servers or NSR-1000 network video recorders. This allows for large scale enterprise solutions where servers from multiple locations are be controlled from a central client
  • Ease of use. From the intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) to the automated camera registration and recording setup, Sony Realshot Manager Advanced is designed to provide the user with an intuitive and easy to use experience
  • Open platform. The software will support a range of cameras from Axis and IQeye as well as the full range of Sony IP cameras giving the user the option to choose cameras to suit their specific needs

Sony IMZ-NS104M - Key features:

  • Open platform: Compatible with not only Sony’s range of IP video devices but with models from Axis and IQeye for added flexibility
  • High resolution recording: support for megapixel and HD resolution cameras
  • Quick setup: The set-up wizard will scan the network for available devices and register them automatically
  • Simple recording setup: Using automatic recording settings the software will optimise camera settings for the user on the fly. e.g. when setting up automatic schedule recording the user inputs the number of days they wish to retain and the software checks the amount of storage space and sets the best frame rate for recording automatically
  • Intuitive: Easy to use graphical user interface with drag and drop operation
  • Hot spot monitoring: A specific window can be set up to be a hot spot area which shows a larger view from any selected camera when activated manually or by an alarm. A second monitor can be set up to display a hot spot window
  • Pan/tilt/zoom control: Take control of cameras (both Sony and other supported models) with pan-tilt-zoom operation directly from the camera control pane
  • Audio monitoring/recording: The sound from a microphone connected to a camera can be monitored from a client PC. Bi-directional audio is supported for compatible cameras
  • Quick search and playback: The user can perform a quick playback of recorded footage from a number of seconds before showing them what just happened in the scene. You can also perform a quick search by date/time from the Monitor Control Pane
  • Alarm list playback: The alarm list features the date, time and camera name of all alarm-based activity and provides a simple way of opening alarms by double-clicking
  • Playback: Using the playback control pane you can access playback functions such as slow, reverse, fast forward, rewind etc. for precise control over recorded video
  • Export: Incidents can be exported in a number of ways to external media including CD-R, DVD-R and USB flash memory devices
  • Customised layouts: The Layout Editor gives the user to power to create customised layout with backgrounds (floor plans, building layouts), camera icons and company logos
  • Search: You can search through recordings by name, date time or type of recording
  • Post VMD search: You can search recorded footage for specific object movement in designated areas
  • Video Motion Filter search: DEPA-enabled function which allows intelligent searches based on conditions such as virtual boundaries or people counting applications
  • DEPA-compliant: When used in conjunction with DEPA-enabled cameras the software can trigger alarms/recording based on intelligent video applications using footage and metadata from the camera(s)
  • Search results: Results from searches can be displayed as a list or in a easy to read graphical timeline
  • User management: multi-level user authentication provides security for individual user creation with configurable permissions
  • MPEG-4/JPEG Dual stream: Dual stream mode is supported for the following cameras: SNC-RX530/550/570, SNC-RZ50, SNC-DF50/DF80/DF85, SNC-DM110/160, SNC-CS20/CD50, SNC-CM120 and later models
  • Light funnel control: There is a menu for control over the Light Funnel feature in supported megapixel cameras. The Light Funnel reduces the output resolution to 640x480 VGA and improves the brightness of the image by 4x without slowing the shutter speed so movement remains fluid

Sony IMZ-NS104M - Key differences over Realshot Manager V4:

  • Client/Server: Can be used in a single server or client/server scenario. In a client/server scenario multiple instances of the software can run from different locations and be monitored from a central location. The IMZ-100 series of software will also interface with Sony NSR-1000 series network video recorders
  • Open platform: The software is not tied to supporting only Sony IP video devices but will accept a range of Axis and IQeye models giving the user the flexibility to choose from a wider range of cameras for their system
  • High resolution recording: Sony Realshot Manager Advanced supports both megapixel and HD recording
  • Easy to use: The graphical user interface has been developed to be easier to use with wizard-based setup tools and drag and drop features
  • Reliable: IMZ-100 series software out-performs Realshot Manager 4 in terms of stability and reliability. It is a robust security surveillance solution for medium/large sized businesses
  • Light funnel: The Light Funnel feature found on some Sony megapixel cameras can be controlled directly through the software. This feature enables viewing in low light conditions

Sony IMZ-NS104M - Typical applications:

  • For use in a wide range of high-end situations where scalability and network distribution are key factors such as multi-location corporations, schools, colleges, oil rigs or hotels

Sony IMZ-NS104M - Supported cameras:

  • All Sony IP cameras and video encoder devices

Sony IMZ-NS104M - Required specification:

  • Processor: Intel Core 2Duo 2GHz or higher
  • Video: 1024 x 768 pixel (16 / 24- bit colour) or higher, 1280x960 or higher to use QVGA with mega pixel cameras
  • Network: 100Base-TX or higher
  • Memory: 1GB or more (2GB recommended)
  • Operating system: Server: Windows Vista Business SP2, Windows Vista Enterprise SP2, Windows XP Professional SP3, Windows Server 2003 SP2, Windows Server 2008 SP2. Client: Windows Vista Business SP2, Windows Vista Enterprise SP2, Windows XP Professional SP3. Compatibility with x64 versions of the above operating systems has not been confirmed
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