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| VAR-IPPoE-i8-1

Raytec Vario IP PoE i8 network infrared LED illuminator with up to 120° beam angle and a maximum of 220m distance

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This product is now discontinued, an alternative model is the Raytec Vario2 IP PoE i8-1

Overview of the Raytec Vario IP PoE i8

Part of the Raytec Vario PoE series of network illuminators, the IP PoE i8 delivers high performance and flexible infrared illumination, enabling infrared-sensitive CCTV cameras to capture long-range monochrome video footage. This unit is ideal for large outdoor applications with multiple cameras that require 24 hour high quality surveillance. Featuring PoE connectivity, the Vario IP PoE i8 can be controlled over a network and can be remotely accessed for quick and easy set up and maintenance, reducing site visits and lowering costs. The unit supports both PoE (60W PoE++) or low voltage (24V DC) power supply, providing installation flexibility depending on requirements or preference.

The IP PoE i8 unit supports the Vario interchangeable lens system, enabling users to adapt the angle of illumination to best suit the application by using holographic lenses. 10°, 35° and 60° lenses are supplied with the unit and 80° and 120° lenses are also available (please select from the drop down menu above if required). The Vario IP PoE i8 is IP66-rated and provides infrared illumination up to a maximum of 220m, ideal for large outdoor spaces such as shipping ports and high streets.

Infrared light is efficiently and precisely delivered by the Vario IP PoE i8 using Hot Spot Reduction Technology (HRT), which generates longer illumination distances, minimises light wastage and prevents overexposure. All LEDs are equipped with Platinum SMT technology, comprising Light Intensification Miniature Optics (LIMO) and Cool Running thermal management technologies to provide high performance with maximum power output and reliability.

The Vario IP integrated web interface provides user-friendly management for one or multiple Vario IP illuminators, offering advanced user defined settings such as timer functions. The interface offers handy, quick access to respond to live events or to make manual adjustments, in addition to offering easy software upgrades. Completely password protected, the web interface is secure and assists with technical support by providing advanced diagnostics for each light.

The Raytec Vario IP PoE i8 comes with a wall/ceiling mount bracket and the unit has a 5 year warranty.

Beam distances for Raytec Vario IP PoE i8:

Lens Distance
10 x 10° 220m at 10°
35 x 10°(fitted as standard) 120m at 35°
60 x 25° 65m at 60°
80° x 30° 45m at 80°
120° x 50° 30m at 120°

Please note: this illuminator does not come with a power supply. Please select from the drop down menu above if required.

Key features & benefits

  • Enables a CCTV camera to capture long-range black and white images up to 220m, providing 24 hour surveillance of large areas (camera must be infrared-sensitive)
  • Can be controlled remotely over a network, reducing site visits and lowering costs
  • Users can choose between PoE (60W PoE++) or low voltage (24V DC) power supply
  • Vario interchangeable lens system enables users to swap holographic lenses to achieve different beam angles to suit a wide variety of applications. 10°, 35° and 60° lenses are supplied or users can select 80° or 120° lenses from the drop down menu above if required
  • User-friendly integrated web interface provides simple set up, adjustment and operation, password protection, software upgrades and quick access for manual adjustment and instant response to live events
  • Platinum SMT LED technology ensures reliable operation
  • Hot-spot Reduction Technology (HRT) enables further illumination with reduced light wastage
  • Individual lights can be controlled or groups of lights, ideal for CCTV systems with multiple cameras
  • Improved technical support with advanced diagnostics
  • Suitable for use externally
  • 5 year warranty
  • Wall/ceiling bracket is supplied with the unit

Typical applications

The Raytec Vario IP PoE i8 infrared illuminator is suitable for large outdoor applications that require long-range, high performance surveillance 24 hours a day using one or multiple infrared illuminators. Typical examples include schools, multi-storey car parks, prisons and shipping ports.



  • 10°, 35° and 60° lenses
  • Wall/ceiling mount bracket

Optional (please select from the drop down menu above if required:

  • Raytec Vario power supply or PoE midspan
  • 80° or 120° lens
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Key technical features for Raytec Vario IP PoE i8

Max distance:220m at 10°
Angle:each single unit standard pack includes 10° circular + 35° x 10° (fitted as standard) and 60° x 25° elliptical lenses. Additional optional lenses: 80° x 30°, 120° x 50° (please select from above drop down menu if required)
Minimum system requirements:PC running Windows 7 with IE8 and network access
Hardware features:in-built photocell for automatic on/off operation, photocell following output, external telemetry input
Quick access software features:individual or group control (groups up to 16 units), power control: 20-100%, boost: 120% power for 10 seconds, deterrent feature with selectable patterns and speeds
Advanced user defined software features:timer functions, soft start turn on, 3 x deterrent patterns, 3 x deterrent speeds, selectable external telemetry input: volt – free or TTL, photocell sensitivity trigger level, assign illuminator to group for collective control, create user and administrator passwords, assign name, group name and ip address, restore factory defaults, restart/reboot, software upgrade, standard and advanced diagnostics
Optics:SMT LEDs
Consumption:50W max
Input:24V DC or 60W PoE++ (4-pair PoE)
Data input:Cat 5 cable
Environmental:outdoor IP66
Temp range:-50 to +50°C
Cable length:2 x 2.5m
Dimensions:135 x 180 x 68.2mm
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