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4 x Panasonic BL-C160 Outdoor IP cameras, built-in light + Milestone XProtect Basis+ 4 channel recording software XBP+04

4 x Panasonic BL-C160 Outdoor IP cameras, built-in light + Milestone XProtect Basis+ 4 channel recording software XBP+04

This IP CCTV bundle comprises four Panasonic BL-C160 outdoor network cameras with built-in lights and the best-selling XPB+04 Milestone XProtect Basis+ surveillance software for four cameras, offering a complete, professional CCTV solution for outdoor environments. The combination of the Panasonic BL-C160 outdoor cameras with the Milestone Xprotect Basis+ management software makes this an ideal solution for businesses that require 24 hour video security at door entries, gates, car park spaces, back yards, alley ways, shop fronts etc.

The Panasonic BL-C160 is a compact IP camera with a built-in light suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations. The camera's integrated white lights illuminate the camera's surrounding area (approximate range 4-5 metres indoor and 3 metres outdoor), making it suitable for 24 hour surveillance. The lights can be set to come on automatically when it gets dark or when movement or heat is detected. The Panasonic BL-C160 comes with a bracket allowing wall or ceiling mounting and includes a Power Transfer Unit (PoE), which injects power into the Ethernet cable, so that only one cable is required to install the camera. The camera's 1/4-inch CMOS sensor produces quality images at a maximum frame rate of 30 images per second in 640x480 VGA resolution (MPEG-4, lower in MJPEG).

This system will enable you to view live video images via the Internet and will send you alerts by e-mail when motion is detected. The system records and stores CCTV footage which can be played back over the Internet using the Milestone Smart Client and, of course, also can be viewed local to where the cameras are. This IP CCTV system is ideal to keep an eye on your business and assets from wherever you are.

What's included:

  • 4 x Panasonic BL-C160 outdoor ready network cameras with built-in white lights including PoE connection module and bracket for wall / ceiling mounting (4x BL-C160)
  • 1 x Milestone XProtect Basis+ 4 channel recording software (XPB+04)

Product data sheet: Panasonic BL-C140/C160 Outdoor ready IP camera (PDF 1.05MB)
Product Data Sheet: Milestone XProtect Basis+ V6.5 (PDF 253KB)
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