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Raytec Vario w2-1 white-light LED illuminator with Adaptive Illumination up to 120° and a maximum of 50m distance

Raytec Vario w2-1 white-light LED illuminator with Adaptive Illumination up to 120° and a maximum of 50m distance

This product is now discontinued, an alternative model is the Raytec Vario2 IP PoE w4-1

Overview of the Raytec Vario w2-1

Providing white-light illumination up to 50m, the IP66-rated and vandal resistant Raytec w2-1 LED illuminator from the low voltage Vario series enables a CCTV camera to produce full colour security footage 24/7, and is ideal for small indoor or outdoor applications. The white-light beam illuminates a scene at an angle of up to 120°, offering a deterrent to potential intruders. Interchangeable holographic lenses are supported by the w2-1 and users can choose from included 10°, 35° or 60° lenses or optional 60° or 120° lenses to provide wider light (please select from above if required).

The w2-1 uses Platinum advanced LED technology together with Light Intensification Miniature Optics (LIMO) and an enhanced Cool Running thermal management system to provide high performance and reliable LEDs. The white-light beam delivered by the w2-1 is enhanced by Hot-spot Reduction Technology (HRT), which prevents over-exposure of foreground objects and delivers more light to where it is needed, enabling detailed surveillance.

Green Touch Technology provides built-in features including power adjust and timer function to lower running costs. An optional Vario remote control is available to quickly set-up the illuminator from ground level, and users can install the w2-1 using the supplied wall/ceiling bracket (remote control not included - please select form drop down menu above if required). All Raytec Vario illuminators have a 5 year warranty.

Beam distances for Raytec Vario w4-1:

10 x 10°50m at 10°
35 x 10°(fitted as standard)35m at 35°
60 x 25°20m at 60°
80° x 30°15m at 80°
120° x 50°10m at 120°

Please note: this illuminator does not come with a power supply, please select from the drop down menu above if required.

Key features & benefits

  • White-light beam provides deterrent against intruders, maximum distance of 50m
  • Enables a CCTV camera to produce surveillance footage in full colour even at night, assisting with identification
  • Interchangeable Vario lenses gives users flexibility with beam angle. 10°, 35° and 60° lenses are included, 80° and 120° lenses can be select from above
  • Unit is IP66-rated and vandal-resistant
  • Enhanced elliptical shaped beam delivers more light to where it is needed using Hot-spot Reduction Technology (HRT)
  • High performance and durable LEDs with Platinum SMT technology
  • Energy efficient with Raytec Green Touch Technology
  • 5 year warranty
  • Optional Vario remote control enables access to additional features (remote control not included – please select from the drop down menu above)
  • Wall or ceiling installation using the supplied bracket

Typical applications

With a range of up to 50m, the Raytec Vario w2-1 is ideal for small CCTV installations that require full colour surveillance footage round-the-clock. Typical examples include lobbies, car parks, driveways, and entrances and exits.



  • 10°, 35° and 60° Vario holographic lens inserts
  • Wall/ceiling mount bracket


  • Raytec Vario power supply
  • Raytec Vario remote control
  • Raytec Vario 80° or 120° holographic lens inserts

Key technical features for Raytec Vario w2-1

Max distance:50m at 10°
Angle:each single unit standard pack includes 10° circular + 35° x 10° (fitted as standard) and 60° x 25° elliptical lenses. Additional optional lenses: 80° x 30°, 120° x 50° (please select from above drop down menu if required)
Wavelength:white-light, 733lm per luminaire, colour temp: 6500k (cool white), colour reproduction index: 74-80
Optics:SMT LEDs
Consumption:12W max
Input:12/24V AC/DC (PSU not included)
Voltage:13.5V current controlled
Environmental:outdoor IP66
Temp range:-50 to +50°C
Cable length:2.5m
Dimensions:75 x 100 x 64mm
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