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Sony SNC-Z20P Network camera - Outdoor bundle wall mount

Sony SNC-Z20P Network camera - Outdoor bundle wall mount

This product is no longer available. There is no direct replacement camera for this product. Please call for advice.

This bundle combines the Sony SNC-Z20P network camera with the Dennard 2015 outdoor housing. This Sony camera incorporates a highly sensitive 1/4 type CCD camera with Exwave HAD™ technology for superb picture quality. Equipped with an auto-focus 18x optical-zoom lens, the Sony SNC-Z20P Network Camera can zoom in on a small or distant object with exceptional clarity. The frame rate can be set as high as 25 fps at VGA resolution to reproduce very smooth-moving images. Its built-in web server allows images to be viewed and controlled from a PC running a standard web browser or the optional Sony IMZ-RS Series Monitoring Software. The SNC-Z20P also has sophisticated features such as Day/Night switching, Slow Shutter, and Activity Detection functions for further convenience in monitoring operations.

Important: This outdoor bundle does not include a camera power supply unless you have selected one from the options above.

An indoor version is available: Sony SNC-Z20 Network Camera

Included in this package:

  • 1x Sony SNC-Z20P day/night network camera (SNC-Z20P)
  • 1x Dennard 2015 outdoor housing with heater 230V AC and wall bracket (2015-707)
  • Additional items you may have chosen (from selections above)

Data sheet: Sony SNC-Z20P (PDF 240k).
Data sheet: Dennard 2010LV (PDF 743k).

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