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Axis Licence Plate Verifier application licence [01574-001]

Axis Licence Plate Verifier application licence
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Overview of Axis Licence Plate Verifier

Axis Solution Gold Partner

Axis Licence Plate Verifier is a video analytics application that has been designed for use with vehicle barriers to enable automated entry and exit management into areas such as company car parks. Users can simply install the application onto any compatible Axis IP camera, connect the camera's I/O port to a vehicle barrier's relay, enter a list of licence plates and add an action rule.

Specific licence plates can be authorised or unauthorised by creating white and black lists which are stored on-board an Axis IP camera (maximum of 1000 licence plates per list). The application reads a licence plate captured by the camera and compares it against these pre-defined lists - then takes the appropriate action, such as opening a gate or barrier. Vehicle barriers can be controlled in ways such as connecting the camera's I/O port to the barriers relay, using an Axis I/O relay module or through the Axis A1001 for greater access control functionality.

Users have the ability to fully integrate Axis Licence Plate verifier with their camera's event management system. This allows them to configure the camera to perform various actions, such as sending an email notification or triggering SD card recording on-board the camera if a specific rule is met; for example, if an unauthorised licence plate is detected. Plus, with support for event log entries that include thumbnail images of licence plates, investigating previous events is made a much simpler task.

The intuitive system design tool enables a simplified setup and the application can be installed onto Axis IP cameras as and when required. Additionally, larger enterprise systems can take advantage of the software's compatibility with various third-party solutions when looking to expand.

Please note: one licence per Axis IP camera is required.

Typical applications:

The Axis Licence Plate Verifier is an automated vehicle management application which helps to ensure vehicles cannot access or exit a location without approval. Typical applications include large car parks, toll roads and private land.

Key features and benefits:

  • Compatible with a wide range of Axis IP devices (for a full list of compatible products - please refer to the product datasheet)
  • Vehicle licence plates are determined as 'authorised' or 'unauthorised' for entry by the use of black and white lists
  • Each user-defined list support up to a maximum 1000 vehicle licence plates
  • Capable of controlling vehicle barriers by connecting the camera’s I/O ports to the barrier’s relay
  • Integration of the app into a camera's event system enables actions to be triggered on an event-basis
  • Open API for easy integration with third-party applications

Key technical features:

  • One licence required per camera
  • Web configuration included
  • Vehicle speed: up to 30 km/h (19mph)
  • Detection time: less than 1 second

Documentation for Axis Licence Plate Verifier

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