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Mobotix D24M-SEC-Night Indoor/outdoor low-light, 1.3MP fixed dome IP camera with 4GB MicroSD card and PoE

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This product is discontinued, an alternative model is the Mobotix D26

The Mobotix D24M-SEC-Night is a network camera designed for surveillance in low-light conditions. The 1.3-megapixel monochrome sensor delivers detailed images which are 10x more sensitive to light that the equivalent day version, while the tough IP66-rated housing prevents damage to the camera when mounted outdoors.

Power over Ethernet support allows the camera to draw power through then network connection, reducing the wiring required for installation, and comes with mounting hardware so that no other equipment is required for installation. The camera also requires only 3W of power to operate, reducing running costs.

The in-built recording functionality of the M24M is extensive, with on-camera storage possible using the included 4GB MicroSD card or LAN storage to Windows, Mac or Linux networked hard drives. As a result, no costly recording applications or devices are required. Multi-camera monitoring software is also available from Mobotix at no additional cost. The D24M-SEC-Night can also be used with Macintosh operating systems.

Please note: This camera has a range of lens options. Please make your selection above when ordering. Additionally, no power supply is included with the camera. If you require a Power over Ethernet midspan, please select one from the options above.

Mobotix D24M-SEC-Night - Key benefits:

  • Low light performance with a monochrome sensor 10x more efficient than the equivalent day model
  • Detailed results in low light conditions with a 1.3-megapixel sensor
  • Complete surveillance solution with all processing done on-camera and recording direct to internal MicroSD card or file server
  • Weatherproof with no additional housing required for outdoor installation
  • No additional software purchases required with free camera management software available from Mobotix

Key improvements over the Mobotix D22M-SEC-Night:

  • 1.3-megapixel frame rates have been more than doubled to 30fps with MxPEG compression compared to the D22M-SEC-Night
  • MicroSD card slot added for on-camera recording including a 4GB microSD card
  • Changeable Power over Ethernet class allows more cameras to share the same PoE switch by limiting the amount of power they can draw
  • The addition of the MxBus allows for expansion modules like sensors to be attached to the M24 without the 5m restriction of USB connected devices

Mobotix D24M-SEC-Night - Key features:

  • Monochrome image sensor for enhanced performance in low light conditions (additional infrared light source required for best results in dark conditions)
  • 1.3-megapixel sensor with 4x the detail of a standard VGA camera
  • MxPEG video compression delivers 1.3MP images at up to 20fps
  • Record to Windows, Mac and Linux file servers using an internal ring buffer without any additional software
  • Internal MicroSD card slot compatible with cards up to 32GB (4GB card included)
  • Highly compatible across different platforms and browsers with 4 simultaneous modes of operation: HTML/JavaScript with M-JPEG, streaming (Java), ActiveX (MxPEG), PDA-optimised pages
  • Configurable exposure windows allow the camera to capture images in difficult lighting conditions
  • In-camera digital pan, tilt and 8x zoom
  • On-camera Video Motion Detection (VMD) with multiple detection zones
  • Alarm and scheduled event configuration
  • Upload to FTP server or website on event
  • Email notification of alarm events including images or video clips
  • Compatible with SIP video phones with live view and camera control
  • Image overlay of banners, logos and graphics including animations
  • Power over Ethernet compatible
  • Energy efficient with only 3W power consumption
  • Camera management software MxEasy and MxControlCenter available for free from Mobotix
  • Add intercom features with the Mobotix ExtIO expansion module
  • Adaptable to any application with a wide range of addition mounting brackets
  • All Mobotix cameras can be used on Macintosh operating systems

Mobotix D24M-SEC-Night - Typical applications:

  • The Mobotix D24M-SEC-Night is suitable for both indoor and outdoor professional security applications in low light conditions like airports, dockyards, industrial plants, government buildings as well as schools, universities and licensed premises

Mobotix D24M-SEC-Night - Key technical indicators:

  • Sensor: 1/2" CMOS, progressive scan
  • Lens: A range of lenses are available (selectable above)
  • Minimum illumination: 0.1 lux (t=1/60s), 0.005 lux (t=1/1s)
  • Image compression: MxPEG, M-JPEG, H.263 (Video-VoIP-Telephony)
  • Resolution: 1280x960, 1024x768, 800x600, 768x576 (D1), 704x576 (TV-PAL), 640x480, 384x288, 352x288, 320x240, 160x120, free image format selection
  • Frame rate: M-JPEG: VGA; 25fps, TV-PAL; 18fps, MEGA; 8fps, 3MEGA; 4fps. MxPEG: VGA; 30fps, TV-PAL; 30fps, MEGA; 30fps, 3MEGA; 20fps
  • Image processing: Backlight compensation, automatic white balance, image distortion correction, video sensor (motion detection)
  • Internal storage: Micro SD card slot (up to 32GB)
  • Audio: Optional via Mobotix ExtIO, lip-synchronous audio, two-way speaker, audio recording, video VoIP supported
  • Video phone: VoIP, SIP, two-way speaker, remote control via DTMF signalling, event notification
  • Security: User-/Group management, HTTPS/SSL, IP address filter, IEEE 802.1x, intrusion detection, digital image signature
  • Supported protocols: TCP, IP, DHCP, DynDNS, HTTP, VoIP, SIP, video SIP, HTTPS/SSL, FTP, NFS, SMB, CIFS
  • Power: Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af)
  • Power consumption: typical 3W
  • Weatherproofing: IP65-rated
  • Operating temperature: -30° to +60° C
  • Dimensions: 160mm Ø x 86mm (H)
  • Weight: 350g

Mobotix D24M-SEC-Night - Connections:

  • Ethernet RJ-45 (PoE IEEE 802.3af)
  • Mini USB connection
  • MxBus

Mobotix D24M-SEC-Night - Accessories included:

  • Mobotix D24M-SEC-Night IP camera (D24M-SEC-NIGHT)
  • Your choice of lens (from above)
  • Additional items you may have chosen (from selections above)
  • Camera housing with transparent dome and white outer shell
  • 0.5m CAT5 Ethernet cable
  • 4x Allen screws and stainless steel washers
  • 4x Stainless steel Torx screw with stainless washers and wall plugs
  • Allen wrench, Torx wrench, Hook wrench
  • Camera & software manual
  • 4GB Micro SD card
  • Mobotix pen

Mobotix D24M-SEC-Night - Additional items you may want to order with this camera:

  • In ceiling set, recessed mount with optional stainless steel trim (MX-OPT-IC)
  • On wall set with protection for external mounted cabling (MX-OPT-AP)
  • Vandalism set with reinforced polycarbonate dome bubble and vandal-resistant stainless housing (MX-D24M-Vandal-ESMA)
  • Outdoor wall mount covers RJ-45 wall outlets (MX-OPT-WH)
  • Pole mount, stainless steel for 60mm – 180mm diameter poles (MX-OPT-MH)
  • Mobotix ExtIO extension module with microphone/speaker, PIR sensor for motion detection, temperature sensor and integrated switch functions for doors and lights as well as inputs for external triggers (MX-ExtIO)
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