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Milestone Husky M50 network video recorder with up to 128 channels and a maximum of 64TB storage

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This product is now discontinued, for alternative products please see Milestone's Husky NVR Series

Overview of the Milestone Husky M50

The M50 is a rack-mounted network video recorder (NVR) in Milestone’s reliable Husky series. By default, the M50 can support up to 8 cameras with an option to expand support to a total of 128 cameras (requires the purchase of additional camera licences and separate PoE+ switches). This unit is pre-installed with a version of XProtect Professional that is optimised for NVRs and has a total storage capacity of 64TB. This Husky also features an i7 Intel processor, 16GB RAM, interactive multi-layered maps, two-way audio and remote access via Milestone’s mobile app.

The unit comes with 8 camera licences and can be used as a standalone all-in-one surveillance workstation by simply connecting an HD monitor via the HDMI port. The M50 boasts a recording rate of up to 544Mbit/s and is powerful enough to support the demands of most medium to large-sized installations.

This Husky contains eight HDD bays which are all pre-fitted with Western Digital Purple hard drives, with a maximum storage capacity of 64TB. In the event that users need further storage space, the M50 can be connected to any other compatible Husky from Milestone’s NVR range in a master/slave setup. Access to this stored footage and the live video feed is made easily available through the PC smart client, web client and via Milestone’s mobile app.

Automatic camera discovery will quickly recognise and configure any connected cameras, simplifying the installation process. Users can then easily survey their full camera system using the Smart Client’s interactive multi-layered maps feature – handy if your setup contains a high number of cameras. Additionally, by using hardware accelerated decoding the M50 provides a smooth performance with up to 75% reduced CPU load.

The Husky M50 is compatible with a number of XProtect add-ons including XTransact, XProtect retail, XProtect LPR and XProtect Screen Recorder. It can also be integrated with third-party applications to tailor your system to a wide range of business solutions. Additionally, Milestone Interconnect provides a cost-effective solution to be able to centrally control your surveillance operation – especially handy if split across different sites. The performance of this system can also be monitored using the free Customer Dashboard - allowing you to react to any technical issues.

Please note: the Husky M50 can be expanded to accommodate a total of 128 cameras with the purchase of a Husky XProtect additional device licence – available in packs of 4. In this scenario, additional switches would also be required – see the related products above.

The Husky M50 is available in a number of variants with different storage capacity. As standard this Husky comes with Care Basic, covering all devices connected to the unit. This can be upgraded to Care Plus, which will also support all connected devices - please make your selection from the drop down menu above.

Key features & benefits

  • Supports up to a total of 128 cameras when additional camera licences and switches are purchased
  • Option to be used as a stand-alone CCTV workstation with the connection of an HD monitor
  • Maximum of 64TB storage across eight bays, available in different configurations (SATA drives supported)
  • Includes Care Basic which supports all connected devices (option available to upgrade to Care Plus)
  • Preloaded with an NVR-optimised version of XProtect Professional
  • 544 Mbit/s recording rate provides reliable recording for multiple high-end IP cameras
  • CPU load is reduced by up to 75% using hardware accelerated decoding
  • Cameras can be connected and setup quickly using automatic camera discovery
  • Full overview of the camera system is provided by interactive multi-layered maps – helping to locate cameras and events easily
  • Alarm Manager gives instant access to cameras for immediate detection of incidents
  • Easy to use with 3 flexible viewing interfaces, Smart Client, Web Client and Milestone mobile app
  • A microphone and speaker (not included) can be connected through the audio I/O ports to enable audio recording
  • Ability to connect to additional Milestone Husky NVRs for a scalable – master/slave setup
  • Includes a powerful Intel i7 processor and 16GB of RAM
  • Supports third-party integrations and Milestone add-on products

Typical applications

The Milestone Husky M50 NVR device offers up to 64TB of storage across its eight HDD bays and comes with 8 camera licences. Designed for medium to large IP video systems, the M50 is suitable for deployment in locations such as train stations, amusement parks and large shopping centres.



  • Additional camera licences - a maximum of 120 additional device licences are available for a total of 128 (additional PoE+ switches required)
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Key technical features for Milestone Husky M50

Form factor 2U rack-mount
Number of cameras: base configurations 8, max 124
O/S and video management software: Windows 10, XProtect Professional
Memory: 16GB
Storage: 8TB-64TB
CPU: i7
Maximum power consumption: 90 - 120 watts
Power input: 200 watts / 100-240V
Maximum numbers of users: unlimited
Dual network interface cards: yes
System I/O rear I/O expansion: 2 x GbE, RJ45, 4 x USB 3.0, 1 x DVI/1, 1 x HDMI, 1 x line-out/mic-in/line-in, 3 x COM ports
Environment: operation temp: 0~40°C, storage temp: -20°C ~70°C
Certificate: CE (class A), WEEE, FCC (class A), RCM, UL, VCCI, Mexico (CoC), South Africa (CoC)
Accessory: 1x DVI/1
Multiple video export formats: yes
Video push support: yes
Viewing clients: Milestone Mobile, XProtect Web Client, XProtect Smart Client
Smart Search: yes
Alarm Manager: yes
3rd-party application support (ex. video analytics, data storage): yes
Archiving to network storage: yes
Map function: yes
Audio: two-way audio support
Compatibility: ONVIF cameras, Microsoft Active Directory, Milestone Interconnect
Compression: H.264, MPEG-4, M-JPEG
PTZ support: yes
Hardware warranty: 3 years
Dimensions: 43(W) x 40(D) x 8.8(H) cm
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