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| TNO-C3030TRA

Hanwha Vision TNO-C3030TRA thermal radiometric camera with spot temperature reading, AI analytics, alarm I/O, and PoE

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Suitable for an array of applications, this powerful and versatile thermal camera uses advanced radiometric technology to accurately read temperatures between -40°C & 550°C, combined with AI-based analytics for object detection and classification.

  • QVGA resolution of 384x288, can be upscaled to 768x576
  • 9.7mm fixed focal lens for 37.9° horizontal field of view
  • Wide temperature detection range of -40°C ~ 550°C
  • Monitor customisable polygonal zones and easily spot read temperatures
  • Detect and classify objects in poor visibility enhanced with AI
  • Hanwha Vision 5-year warranty, firmware support up to 5 years from EOL
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Overview of the Hanwha Vision TNO-C3030TRA thermal radiometric AI camera

  • Powerful thermal sensor for QVGA resolution at 384x288
  • Temperature detection range between -40°~550°C
  • Constantly read temperatures from customised polygonal zones
  • Spot temperature reading and change detection analytics to notify on fluctuations or potential hazards
  • WiseMD technology uses AI to accurately detect motion with fewer false alarms

Engineered with advanced radiometric technology for high-performance thermal imaging with precision accuracy, this mini bullet thermal camera also features AI-based analytics for motion detection and object classification. The lightweight yet robust TNO-C3030TRA is capable of measuring temperatures between -40°~550°C, and is IP66 and IK10-rated to effectively withstand wet weather and vandalism. Users can easily spot read temperatures as well as utilise up to 10 customisable polygonal zones for constant ROI (regions of interest) monitoring. Temperature change detection analytics alert users to fluctuations of temperatures in real-time, enabling external I/O alarms to trigger when readings drop below or exceed preset thresholds. Support for an external microphone allows for audio detection of sounds such as explosions and gunshots.

Video Analytics

Customise up to 10 polygonal ROI zones through your VMS for constant temperature readings which can be displayed as text overlay on screen, allowing operators to effectively visualise fluctuations. In the event of temperatures breaching thresholds, operators can be notified through temperature change detection analytics, allowing faster responses to potential incidents or emergencies such as fire. Minimise false alarms and increase personnel safety through AI-driven WiseMD and object classification which can identify humans and vehicles in challenging environments through fog and smoke. Sound classification enables identification of sudden increases in sound levels, including specific types such as explosions and gunshots.

Recording and Video Management

Available recording and video management options for this camera:

Example Use Cases

  • Waste management, processing and recycling plants - identify early signs of potential combustion from waste and batteries
  • Perimeter detection - alert security to potential unauthorised access and vandalism of property
  • Machinery and equipment - minimise downtime with predictive maintenance by recognising faults before they develop, monitor changes in temperatures which could lead to signs of failure
  • Livestock farms - identify potential diseases indicated via changes in temperature
  • Challenging environmental conditions - detect and classify objects including humans, cars, buses and bikes in challenging conditions such as smoke, heavy rain and fog
  • Audio analytics - critical sounds such as gunshots, explosions and screams are detected and identified


This thermal camera is available with different frame rates:

  • Hanwha Vision TNO-C3030TRA - 30fps
  • Hanwha Vision TNO-C3032TRA - 8fps

Accessories included

  • Camera
  • Installation guide
  • Fly lead
  • RJ head push-through
  • 2 x rubber grommets
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Key technical features of the Hanwha Vision TNO-C3030TRA QVGA thermal radiometric AI camera


Environment: indoor/outdoor
Type: thermal bullet camera
Sensor: uncooled microbolometer 384x288 pixels, pixel size 17 μm
Spectral range: 8-14 μm
Lens: 9.7mm fixed focal
H: 37.9° / V: 28.7° / D: 46.7°
(iFoV: 1.8 mRad )
Min object distance: 2.8m
Alarms: 2 configurable I/O ports
Audio: Selectable(mic in/line in)
Line out
Power: PoE(IEEE802.3af, Class3), 12VDC
PoE: Max 10.8W, typical 9W
12VDC: Max 9.4W, typical 7.7W


Resolution: Sensor is 384x288. Image can be scaled up to 768x576
Frame rate: 30 fps or 8 fps (model dependent)
Video streaming: H.265/H.264: Main/Baseline/High, MJPEG
Day/night: not included
Minimum illumination: N/A
Remote zoom / focus not included


Application Programming Interface: ONVIF Profile S/G/T/M
Wisenet open platform
PTZ: PTZ handover
ROI zones: 10 polygonal zones
Analytics: Classified object type: Person/Vehicle
Support BestShot
Analytics events based on AI engine:
- WiseMD, Object detection, Virtual line*(Crossing/Direction), Virtual area*(Loitering/Intrusion/Enter/Exit)
Analytics events:
- Motion detection, Tampering, Audio detection, Sound classification, Shock detection, Virtual area(Appear/Disappear)
Event action: When alarm trigger occurred
- File upload(image): e-mail/FTP
- Notification: e-mail
- Recording: SD/SDHC/SDXC or NAS recording at event triggers
- Alarm output
- Handover: PTZ preset
- MQTT: publication
Business intelligence: Support (Temperature data)

Video Management

On-camera recording: Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC 1slot Max. 1TB
2GB RAM, 512MB Flash
Network video recorders: Hanwha NVRs, Milestone Husky NVRs, ONVIF support for 3rd party NVRs
Video Management Software: Wisenet Viewer, Wisenet WAVE Milestone XProtect, ONVIF support for 3rd party VMS


Dimensions: ø93.8x233.5mm(ø3.69x/9.19")
Weight: 1700g(3.75 lb)
Casing: IP66, IK10, NEMA4X
White / Aluminum + PC
Pan / tilt / rotate range: 0°~350° / 0°~90° / 0°~350°
Operating temperatures: -40°C~+60°C(-40°F~+140°F) / 0~95% RH(non-condensing)
Warranty: 5-year
Firmware support to: 5 years after EOL
Protocols supported: IPv4, IPv6, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, RTP(UDP), RTP(TCP), RTCP, RTSP, NTP, HTTP, HTTPS, SSL/TLS, DHCP, FTP, SMTP, ICMP, IGMP, SNMPv1/v2c/v3(MIB-2), ARP, DNS, DDNS, QoS, UPnP, Bonjour, LLDP, CDP, SRTP (TCP, UDP Unicast), MQTT
Security: OS / Firmware Protect Secure boot: Signed firmware, Firmware encryption
User authentication Digest Authentication: Prevent brute-force attack
Network authentication: 802.1X Authentication(EAP-TLS, EAP-LEAP, EAP-PEAP MSCHAPv2)
Secure Communication: HTTPS, SRTP, WSS(Websocket secure)
Access Control: Access control based on IP address
Data Protect: Authentication information encryption, ZIP compression encryption
Audit: User Access/System/Event log management
Device ID: Device Certificate(Hanwha Private Root CA)
Secure Storage: TPM(Trusted platform module), SDcard partition encrypt
TPM with FIPS 140-2 level 2

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