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First of all, it is important to understand that access to a Morphean system is via a Morphean cloud account, and that there is no software or recorder to install on site whatsoever. All that’s needed on site is an Axis camera with an Axis SD card, and that’s it. Obviously, you’ll need an internet connection of some sort for the camera to connect to the Morphean cloud system. It is an ideal set up for small companies, remote sites, and multi-site businesses because the equipment on site is kept to an absolute minimum, meaning there is little to install, maintain or worry about. This is especially beneficial for unmanned sites or locations with minimal staffing.

The setup and use of the Morphean cloud CCTV system is very simple with no need for IT skills, making it accessible and suitable for anyone running a business or responsible for managing remote sites. The additional benefit for multi-site businesses is that you can see the cameras from all your sites in one place, and manage it all from there. Then, there is the low cost of the Morphean system, making it highly attractive and affordable for any business, particularly for small installations of up to ten cameras per site.

Take a look at this demo video to find out how easy it is to use and find the video information you are after. Interested in the Morphean cloud system? Contact us now to speak to an expert.

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