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Milestone’s Husky IVO recording server range has just been released; these innovative servers offer scalable and versatile recording solutions that are suitable for a range of applications – from small independent to large corporate CCTV systems. The series consists of six video recording servers, all of which come with a 5-year NBD manufacturer warranty (including HDDs) as standard – offering you ongoing peace of mind and protection of your investment.

Optimised for use with any Milestone XProtect VMS product and designed with flexibility at the forefront; the high-performance range offers throughputs of 150Mbit/s through to 1800 Mbit/s, support from 20 up to 250 camera channels per server, as well as storage options that span from 2TB to 384TB and a variety of redundancy options – so it’s safe to say there will be a server within the range that can meet your requirements.

How do they compare?

With a wide range of options, from the entry-level 150D that has been built with small-scale setups in mind, to the 1800R which is specifically designed for critical video applications - it is important to find the Husky that is right for you. In this blog, we will explore all aspects of the new IVO servers; including their key features, benefits, and which scenarios we feel that they could work best within - giving you a better idea of which Husky model would suit your needs. Take a look at the quick comparison table below for an easy breakdown of the models' key features at a glance.

Model Number Thumbnail image of a Milestone Husky IVO server for XProtect


Thumbnail image of a Milestone Husky IVO server for XProtect


Thumbnail image of a Milestone Husky IVO server for XProtect


Thumbnail image of a Milestone Husky IVO server for XProtect


Thumbnail image of a Milestone Husky IVO server for XProtect


Thumbnail image of a Milestone Husky IVO server for XProtect


Form Factor

Desktop Desktop Tower Rack-mount Rack-mount Rack-mount Rack-mount


150Mbit/s 360Mbit/s 360Mbit/s 720Mbit/s 1080Mbit/s 1800Mbit/s

No. of Channels*

20 50 50 100 150 250


2TB - 16TB 4TB - 32TB 4TB - 32TB 8TB - 64TB 16TB - 128TB 24TB - 384TB

No. of Hard Drive Bays

1 x 3.5" (internal) 2 x 3.5" (internal) 2 x 3.5" (hot-swappable) 4 x 3.5" (hot-plug) 12 x 3.5" (hot-plug) 12 x / 24 x 3.5" (hot-plug)


Intel Pentium Gold G5400 Intel Core i3-10100 Intel Core i3-9100 Intel Xeon E-2236 Intel Xeon Silver 4210R Intel Xeon Silver 4216

RAID Options

None RAID 0, 1 (Software RAID) Raid 0, 1 (Software RAID) RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60 RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60 RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60

Redundant Power Supply

No No No Yes, hot-plug Yes, hot-plug Yes, hot-plug

*based on video streams of HD 1080p at 30 frames per second (fps), 5-8 Mbit/s per channel, recording on video motion detection

Husky server in use in a bar / hospitality

Compact and straightforward recording solution for smaller sites

The Husky 150D, an entry-level desktop server, offers a compact and straightforward recording solution for up to 20 full HD camera channels and throughput of 150Mbit/s. This model is ideal for smaller applications such as independent retail stores or within the hospitality sector including restaurants and coffee shops. This small-but-mighty server offers a choice of 2TB, 4TB, 8TB, 12TB, or 16TB storage and is a reliable choice for users that require a stress-free small-scale recording system.

Scalable server with software RAID for small-to-medium sites

Husky server in use in a shop / retail

The Husky 350T desktop tower builds on the 150D feature set and provides the ‘next step up’ to an even more scalable solution. With a throughput of 360Mbit/s, this server can support the recording of up to 50 high-definition camera channels - based on video streams of HD 1080p at 30 frames per second (fps), 5-8 Mbit/s per channel and recording on video motion detection. Additionally, a choice of 4TB, 8TB, 16TB, 24TB or 32TB of storage makes this unit ideal for small-to-medium-sized applications, such as retail stores or supermarkets, that require recording of video data from a variety of camera locations at the same time. In addition, the introduction of software RAID improves the server’s data backup capabilities and ensures increased uptime.

User-friendly yet flexible rack server for small-to-medium sites

Husky server in use in a warehouse / logistics

The Husky 350R  is the first rack-mountable server in the range, which allows it to be easily integrated into a company’s existing IT infrastructure - offering the flexibility to grow the system. With recording for up to 50 full HD camera channels and throughput of 360Mbit/s, we see this being a popular model for locations with existing IT systems that would benefit from the performance and scalability that this server offers - such as within small warehouses. The system also comes with software RAID capabilities and is available with 4TB, 8TB, 16TB, 24TB or 32TB of storage across two Dell Enterprise HDD drive bays – allowing users a choice of data storage to match their requirements.

Full redundancy and versatility for mid-sized applications

Husky server in use in a school/college/university education setting

With full redundancy, thanks to hardware RAID, dual OS drives, and power supplies, the Husky 700R gives users peace of mind that their video recordings are secure - whilst retaining the flexibility of the other models in the series. A throughput of 750Mbit/s and up to 100 HD camera channel recording (based on video streams of HD 1080p at 30 fps, 5-8Mbit/s per channel, and recording on video motion detection) makes this model ideal for educational sites with existing IT infrastructure such as schools or colleges. Remote management through iDRAC allows any issues to be resolved efficiently without the need to physically access the system. Finally, this unit includes four 3.5” Dell Enterprise hard drive bays that can be populated with a total of either 8TB, 16TB, 32TB, 48TB or 64TB of storage depending on needs.

Advanced recording solution for large-scale sites

Husky server in use in a football stadium / sports use case

The Husky 1000R provides an advanced, high-performance solution for larger applications such as stadiums or university campuses that need comprehensive recording of large areas with multiple camera locations. It features a 1080Mbit/s throughput with the ability to record up to 150 HD 1080p camera channels (based on the same video stream requirements as the other servers). Remote management is available through iDRAC to provide users with efficient access to the system without physical access to the server. The server’s 2U rack-mount form factor can be fitted with a choice of 16TB, 32TB, 64TB, 96TB or 128TB storage capacity over eight hard drive bays. This model also makes use of full hardware redundancy.

High-powered server optimised for critical surveillance

Husky server in use in an airport

Being the most powerful model in the IVO series, the 1800R is optimised for performance-heavy, high-end applications that require critical, 24-hour security footage recording - such as airports and other large transport hubs. A throughput of 1800Mbit/s to support up to 250 camera channels helps to provide enough capacity for complex setups, whilst still allowing flexibility and future scalability. Much like the 700R and 1000R units, this server also supports remote management through iDRAC which alerts users to any system issues, allowing them to securely manage those issues in a timely manner, without needing access to the physical system. Full redundancy through hardware RAID, dual OS drives and dual PSUs are included for improved resilience – assuring users that their footage is securely protected in the event of network or system failure. The server is also equipped with either 24TB, 48TB, 96TB, 144TB, or 192TB storage capacity in up to twenty-four hard drive bays to allow for a comprehensive and tailored recording solution.

A server for everyone

The Milestone IVO Husky series is a welcome addition to the market and looks to offer a solution for most applications. From the entry level to the enterprise, the Husky IVO series marks an exciting development from Milestone when it comes to recording servers, and we are seeing them perform well in action. We can see these units being a suitable choice for most applications and combinations of servers to allow for any Milestone XProtect system design.

In summary, these new Husky servers are highly performant, specialised machines packaged in familiar ways and offering all the features and benefits you would expect of a fully optimised platform for Milestone XProtect. The channel numbers mentioned above signify the maximum performance per machine, but in the real world, many systems do not record all cameras at full HD and so each of these units may be capable of recording many more cameras with lower recording settings such as resolution and frame rate. Therefore, it is important to get your calculations right when choosing the most appropriate Husky for your needs. Each server comes with a helpful wizard-based setup tool to make the deployment of Milestone XProtect straightforward. - Kevin Bowyer, Technical Director NW Security Group

If you’d like more information on any of the recording servers we’ve discussed, you can give us a call on 0151 633 2111 or contact us online.

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