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Building a camera system can be a complicated, time-consuming, and costly undertaking, from the initial design and sourcing of components to the management and maintenance of the completed system, every step must be handled with care and expertise to ensure that the system is secure and not prone to critical errors. Here is where Axis' “Power of One” solution comes in, providing “A complete security system tailored and validated to your specific needs” from a single vendor, eliminating complications and errors that may occur when dealing with multiple companies or software providers. This blog post looks at how Axis’ end-to-end solutions make it easier every step of the way and how your business can benefit.

What is an Axis end-to-end solution and how can it benefit my security system?

Axis end-to-end solutions streamline CCTV systems to provide a unified approach to surveillance in which Axis is responsible for all aspects of the system, reducing the possibility of complications or crucial errors.

At the heart of the Axis end-to-end system is Axis Camera Station (ACS), a video management software application that allows users to not only manage Axis IP cameras, but all security devices and analytics on a singular platform. ACS supports all Axis IP devices including cameras, recorders, audio devices, intercoms, access control and wearables, as well as selected third-party devices via ONVIF (device compatibility can be verified using the free ACS Device Compatibility Tool). Users benefit from a system in which all components are designed to work together, ensuring optimal performance of each Axis device. As all components of the system are created by Axis, there is more flexibility in the connection of both legacy and new devices, as the vendor has a clear idea of past functionality and future roadmaps, ensuring ongoing compatibility.

Setting up an advanced camera system – it’s easier than you’d think

Setting up a camera system - where do you start? Axis’ Integrator Suite supports all areas of setup from design, purchasing and installation to testing and management, reducing handoffs, and mistakes that may occur when multiple vendors are involved.

Axis Site Designer removes the guesswork involved in designing a surveillance system, allowing users to view exactly how their system would be set up and make changes quickly and easily. As an online tool, Site Designer is continually updating, ensuring that the most up-to-date Axis kit is available in the product selector. The tool streamlines the design and quotation workflow by not only providing a detailed map of your system but suggesting compatible mounting accessories and supplying information on bandwidth requirements for the proposed design.

Perhaps one of the most useful aspects of this tool is the ability to form a list of all products required for the design, including product codes, simplifying the order process and ensuring you get everything you need. Installation is further simplified with the ability to export design configurations straight to Axis Camera Station, automating the process and avoiding potential installation errors. It is recommended for installations to be undertaken or guided by Axis experienced engineers as in video management systems, including ACS, nothing is quite ready out-of-box and system optimisation by experts can save you a lot of IT resources and ensures optimum system configuration and performance. Our engineers are here to help, along with our technical support team, who are on hand to help you along the entire installation process.

A handy installation verifier tool is also available to ensure that the system is able to work optimally in the proposed area, taking into account network connection and bandwidth requirements. The tool runs a stress test on the system – assessing how it copes with maximum traffic – and generates a system report. This gives operators a clear indication as to whether their system is able to work efficiently and what needs to change if this is not the case.

Managing your system and ongoing support

Axis Camera Station is at the very core of Axis’ end-to-end system, from its launch eighteen years ago it has supported the management of over one million devices. This tried and tested VMS is the hub for a plethora of functions – delivering a singular interface for all device configurations, alerts, and analytics. There are no hidden costs associated with ACS, you purchase one licence for each connected device and all updates are downloadable at no extra cost, additionally, if you purchase an Axis recorder the software is included. Users can add hardware and analytics on demand and there is support for multi-site installations, ideal for growing businesses that require scalability to suit their changing needs. Furthermore, system and camera health can be monitored at any time to ensure all connected devices and network settings are correctly configured to provide sufficient security.

Proactivity is the key to any successful surveillance system, with a powerful rules engine and live alerts, ACS keeps users up to date with activity in any of the monitored sites, with the option of manually triggering analytics via an action button (also available remotely via the mobile application). Incident reporting ensures that all evidence of an event is recorded and stored in one place, including bookmarked recordings and notes – giving easy access to important data.

Many additional features that are traditionally offered as paid add-ons are included with Axis Camera Station or are available to download for free. For example, video redaction, access control integration and audio management have been made available to further enhance your CCTV installation at no additional cost.

Support is available from us at NW, offering a single point of contact for advice and training, and you will not be passed around various companies and departments looking for a resolution that could be easily solved in minutes. Moreover, Axis offers a whole range of videos, papers, interactive resources and courses to help you understand more about their company, their products and their end-to-end solutions, available via their Axis Academy page.

The future of surveillance

Trusting one vendor to handle your entire security system can feel like you are locked in, but the benefits of managing all aspects of your system in one place often outweigh potential drawbacks. Of course, there are always ways to improve, and Axis has consistently stepped up and shown leadership in line with technological progress. This is why we are very excited about Axis' “Power of One” concept and expect to see ongoing developments that make Axis Camera Station a perfect fit for businesses seeking to work smarter.

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