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Note: these products no longer exist. This article remains in place as it receives a significant amount of traffic from people who still own and use these products.

This is a small HOWTO: guide which will help you reset your Axis 206/7 IP camera should you forget the password and find yourself unable to connect.

This guide will be suitable for the following cameras:

  • Axis 206
  • Axis 207
  • Axis 207W
  • Axis 207MW

Axis 206/7 Factory Reset steps

To perform a factory reset, do the following:

Step 1

Power down the camera. Leave for 30 seconds.

Step 2

Hold down the control button, and with the button held down connect the power. The control button can be found on the back of the camera and is in between the power and data inputs as shown on the below image:

Axis 207W Control Button

Control (CTRL) button on an Axis 207W

Step 3

Keep the CTRL button held down until the LEDs on the front of the camera displays amber (this could take up to 15 seconds). You can then release the button. 

Step 4

When the LEDs change to green (this could take up to a minute) your camera has been factory reset.

Step 5

To access the camera again you can either use the default IP address of or access the camera using the setup software which came on the CDROM with the camera.

You will be asked to set a new administrator password when you first log back into the camera.


If you only want to factory reset your camera to clear it back to defaults you can do this from the camera's maintenance pages.

Enter the setup pages for your camera and in the left-hand menu click 'system options' then 'maintenance'. You will then be presented with the maintenance page which will show a button marked 'Restore'. Click the 'Restore' button to return your camera back to factory settings.

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