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Videotec DBH05 Parapet mount bracket

Videotec DBH05 Parapet mount bracket
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Price: Discontinued  
This item has been discontinued

This product has now been discontinued. View more Videotec brackets.

The Videotec DBH05 Parapet Mount Bracket Bracket allows the DBH24KOF028 and DBH24KOF22 Outdoor Dome Housings to be mounted on to roof tops.

Note: The DBH05 is not suitable for mounting on top of a pole. The bracket is NOT fitted with the correct 4" PCD mounting plate at the bottom (as is commonly used in the UK).

Compatible with:

  • DBH24KOF028 Outdoor Dome Housing with clear bubble
  • DBH24KOF022 Outdoor Dome Housing with smoked bubble

Download the manufacturer's product data sheet (PDF 192k).
This item has been discontinued