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Milestone XProtect Transact add-on application for use with Milestone XProtect - Connection Licence

Milestone XProtect Transact add-on application for use with Milestone XProtect - Connection Licence
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Milestone XProtect Transact video-enables many transaction-based processes to help enhance awareness and prevent shrinkage and theft in retail locations. Each transaction point requires a connection licence to be used with XProtect Transact
  • For XProtect Express+ Professional+ Expert & Corporate
  • Each source requires a connection licence
  • A Transact Base licence is required for use with XProtect
  • Links video footage & transaction details from multiple POS
  • Real-time video monitoring of multiple sources & locations
  • XProtect Smart Client support

Overview of the Milestone XProtect Access Door Licence

Milestone XProtect Access is an add-on application to be integrated with a valid Express+, Professional+, Expert or Corporate system.

This Milestone XProtect Transact Connection Licence is for use only when a Milestone XProtect Transact base licence has been installed onto an existing video management system.

Key features & benefits

  • Suitable for use with XProtect Express+, Professional+, Expert and Corporate
  • Provides centralised transaction-based security on one VMS interface
  • Video-enables transaction processing – allowing efficient identification of fraud, product shrinkage or documentation of parcels and shipments
  • A remote solution to transaction monitoring across multiple locations
  • Search for a specific transaction and corresponding video easily with useful search features
  • Set up notifications that alert users when a specific item is scanned
  • Generate documentation to report on transactions, including data and video thumbnails

Documentation for Milestone Transact Connection Licence