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Milestone XProtect Transact add-on application for use with Milestone XProtect - Base Licence

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This XProtect add-on application links transaction points with XProtect video management software to video-enable transactions, allowing users to comprehensively document and analyse transaction details to avoid shrinkage and fraud.

  • For XProtect Express+, Professional+ Expert & Corporate
  • One base licence required to add onto an XProtect system
  • Links video and transaction details from multiple POS
  • Base licence comes with one connection licence included
  • Monitor video from multiple sources in multiple locations
  • XProtect Smart Client is supported
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Overview of the Milestone XProtect Transact Base Licence

  • Video-enable a range of transaction-based processes
  • For use with XProtect Express+, Professional+, Expert and Corporate
  • Allows video systems to help enhance transaction data analysis
  • Identify anomalous or fraudulent transactions efficiently
  • Base licence is supplied with one connection licence, and a further connection licence is required for each connected source added

Milestone XProtect Transact allows users to match transactional data from point-of-sale (POS), barcode scanning systems and other data systems with video footage to provide a comprehensive overview of these processes. Compatible with XProtect Express+, Professional+, Expert and Corporate, this add-on is ideal for retail and financial sectors that require detailed documentation of transactions to avoid shrinkage or fraud. Operators can view and manage all transaction data and footage remotely through XProtect’s Smart Client, providing a centralised and efficient solution to transaction monitoring.


Retail environments would benefit from this add-on application as staff members would be able to match footage of customers, with their transaction data, in order to gain a more detailed view of these events - therefore increasing the likelihood of efficiently handling or even avoiding any potential suspicious activities such as fraud of theft. Additionally, this add-on can be used within the logistics sector to keep track of goods movement or shipments. By providing definitive video footage to accompany dispatch details, stock movement can be more effectively tracked - helping reduce instances of misplacement or loss of goods. All aspects of this application can be handled remotely from a centralised location, keeping all necessary data in one central area and enabling users to monitor multiple points of sale in real time through a single system. Furthermore, operators can configure notifications onto XProtect Smart Client to alert them when a specific product has been scanned, which can be utilised when tracking the popularity of a given product or to find patterns in customer behaviour.


XProtect Transact matches transaction events with corresponding video through XProtect VMS, which provides users with a unique insight into customer trends or behaviour. The application’s report functionality generates reports on specific transaction events, including event details and a video thumbnail. This allows users to keep physical documentation of transaction processes – enhancing administrative workflow and easily creating a series of paper trials for each event. Searching through data is also simplified with filters that can specify details such as time, date and the source of the transaction - saving time and allowing staff to address issues quickly.


Transaction points and cameras can be easily integrated into the system either through a network connection or through a physical serial connector (sold separately). The size of the surveillance area is subject to network or connection size. Additional connection types can be supported through custom connectors, available through the Milestone Software Development Kit (SDK). Each transaction point requires a connection licence to be integrated into the system.

Please note: This product is a base licence – connection licences are required for each connected transaction point (selectable from the accessories tab). This product is an add-on licence for a Milestone XProtect VMS system. If an existing system is not in place, an XProtect base licence (Express+Professional+Expert or Corporate) and XProtect connection licences for each transaction point will need to be purchased.

Key features & benefits

  • Milestone XProtect Transact is compatible with XProtect Express+, Professional+, Expert and Corporate
  • Links transaction data with corresponding video footage – allowing users to efficiently identify fraud, product shrinkage or document parcels and shipments
  • Centralises transaction-based security onto one VMS interface
  • Enables remote monitoring of transactions across multiple locations
  • Straightforward search features allow users to search for a specific transaction and corresponding video
  • Set up notifications that alert users when a specific item is scanned
  • Generate transaction reports that include transaction data and video thumbnails

Typical applications

This XProtect add-on application video-enables transaction processes, providing enhanced data collection and more comprehensive surveillance opportunities in areas such as retail, finance and shipping. Typical applications include shops, warehouses and banks.

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