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NUUO IP video recording software - 4 channel license [SCB-IP-P-L-04]

NUUO IP video recording software - 4 channel license
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This item has been discontinued

This product is now discontinued, for alternative products see Synology Surveillance Station - Video Management Software

Overview of the NUUO IP recording software

NUUO IP video recording software is a feature-rich, yet cost-effective Windows-based recording solution that can record and display live video from up to 4 cameras (per PC) and is easily installed and configured with automatic camera detection. The NUUO IP software is compatible with over 2100 IP camera models across around 100 different brands, providing a truly flexible open-platform recording solution that is suitable for small to medium-sized, professional CCTV installations. Streaming to multiple remote and mobile clients means video can also be easily viewed away from site.

With intelligent video analytics including general motion detection, signal lost, edge motion and digital input triggers, the NUUO IP software can respond with up to 5 instant alarm actions including on screen alert display, play a sound on the client PC, send an email, close a relay output and push a notification to mobile devices. Users can import custom image files and place cameras and I/O devices on an electronic site map, making using the system quick and easy. Support for both digital pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) and joystick PTZ enable viewing of areas of interest in more detail, allowing improved event analysis whilst two-way audio support also enables audio recording and verbal messages to be passed via the camera.

The intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) enables recording schedules to be quickly created for continuous, motion and event based recording which users can configure for each camera individually. Support for 4 different types of compression, H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG and MxPEG (Mobotix), ensures efficient file size reduction for a variety of applications and requirements. Recording and live display can be set in different resolutions and frame rates to ensure both high quality recording and bandwidth-friendly live viewing. The recording speed can be increased when motion is detected, which is handy when permanent low frame rate recording is a requirement for when nothing is happening and events need to be captured at higher frame rates. The NUUO IP software can also monitor and throttle the bit rate ensuring the set bandwidth limit is not exceeded.

Recorded video can be exported or backed up easily. Digital watermarking on recorded video is applied and allows investigators to check that the exported video is original.

Video footage can be accessed remotely using the NUUO iViewer apps available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, ideal for CCTV monitoring when on the move.

Key features & benefits

  • 4 channel license (scalable up to 32 camera channels per PC - additional licenses bought separately)
  • Dual monitor support
  • E-map
  • Scheduled record, record on event, record on motion
  • Streaming profiles
  • Motion Detection edge or central
  • NUUO fisheye camera dewarp
  • Digital PTZ and joystick PTZ control
  • Mobile access is available through NUUO iViewer app
  • Duplicate camera
  • Support for two way audio
  • Arecont 4 sensor camera counts as one channel
  • Smart detection and 5 instant alarm notifications
  • Privacy masking to block out specific areas from live view, recordings and exported video
  • Backup system
  • Digital watermarking and verification tool increases authenticity of video

Licensing structure

Up to 32 licenses of NUUO IP software can be used on a PC, the following license packs are available:

4 licenses (SCB-IP-P-L-04)

8 licenses (SCB-IP-P-L-08)

12 licenses (SCB-IP-P-L-12)

16 licenses (SCB-IP-P-L-16)

25 licenses (SCB-IP-P-L-25)

32 licenses (SCB-IP-P-L-32)

This item has been discontinued
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