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Axis T8128 24V High Power over Ethernet splitter

Axis T8128 24V High Power over Ethernet splitter

This product is now discontinued

Overview of the Axis T8128 HPoE Splitter 24V

The Axis T8128 24V High Power over Ethernet splitter is designed to be used with network cameras which do not support a Power over Ethernet connection. By splitting power and data from a single Ethernet cable, the T8128 allows IP cameras without PoE support to receive power supplied through a PoE network, thus receiving the benefits of a PoE installation.

The T8128 HPoE splitter is particularly useful for providing power to cameras in locations where there are no power outlets such as plug sockets, or when these may be difficult to install.

Note: for use with the Axis T8123 HPoE midspan

Key features and benefits of the Axis T8128 HPoE Splitter 24V

  • Useful for providing a Power over Ethernet connection to non-PoE cameras, saving on install costs
  • Plug-and-play for easy installation
  • Incorporate non-PoE cameras into systems powered through PoE

Connections for the Axis T8128 HPoE Splitter 24V

  • Power: Ethernet connection (x2)
  • Data input connector: RJ-45
  • Data and power output connector: DC barrel connector

Key technical features for the Axis T8128 HPoE Splitter 12V

Power input: max. 30W
Power output: 1 A at 24V DC
Connectors: data & power in: shielded RJ-45; data out: shielded RJ-45; power out: DC barrel connector; with ‘+’ centered
Network cables: shielded cat5 Ethernet cable
Installation: plug-and-play
Operating temperatures: 0 – 40°C
Dimensions: 94mm (H) x 31mm (W) x 73mm (D)
Weight: 0.112kg
Included accessories: cable adapters for Axis 232D+, Axis 233D

Documentation for the Axis T81B23 High PoE 30W Midspan (1-port)

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