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HALO 3C-PC Multi-functional health, safety and vape detection device

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The HALO is a multi-functional health, safety and vape detection device. From a suite of 16 sensors, events and notifications can be set up based on customisable requirements to provide solutions for ever-evolving safety and security concerns.

  • Vape, THC and vape masking detection
  • Air Quality Index and health rating display
  • Aggression detection through analytics
  • Spoken keyword panic alarm
  • People counting (occupancy)
  • Motion detection
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Overview of the Halo Smart Sensor and vape detector

  • Multi-functional smart sensor with 16 core sensors
  • Additional functions enhance safety and security in areas unsuitable for monitoring with cameras
  • Suitable for vaping detection in education settings
  • Protects the privacy of individuals and no personal information is captured or stored
  • Integrates easily with Milestone XProtect video management system for notifications, visualisation and action-taking

The HALO 3C-PC is a multi-functional health, safety and vape detection device. Featuring a suite of 16 sensors, multiple events can be configured based on customisable requirements to provide solutions for the evolving safety and security concerns in schools, public areas and businesses.

The on-board vaping suite of sensors provides immediate feedback on smoking or vaping activity within the area of the sensor, which can be used to send a notification to an operator who can take appropriate action. Notifications can be via email or VMS integration. Also included are sensors for THC oil (marijuana/cannabis) and vape masking, which detects when vaping is being masked with another aerosol product.

Health sensors provide Air Quality Index data as well as an overall Health Index reading which approximates, in real time, the potential risk for the spread of airborne infection disease.

Safety and Security sensors provide a range of different events including aggression detection, motion detection (trespassing), as well as identifying gunshots or spoken keyword panic events.

A flexible event engine allows for customisation of each event, tailored to specific requirements with individual notifications on a per-event basis.

The HALO 3C-PC does not use cameras, record audio or capture any personal identifiable information (PII) making it ideal for use in private sensitive areas such as bathrooms, cloakrooms or rest areas.  It will also work well in all conditions, including dark areas, bright rooms or places with highly reflective surfaces or walls.

This model also includes an occupancy sensor (people counting) which will count the number of people in range and provide alerts based on occupancy thresholds, or the data can be used for building energy management based on occupancy.

The HALO 3C-PC includes options for external devices to connect to, or to output from, providing more options for integration with existing systems.  It can also be integrated into a wide range of video management systems and supports BACnet for integration with building management and control systems.

Powered by PoE, the HALO 3C-PC is installed using a single cable and with POE passthrough, a second device can be daisy-chained to the first, lowering installation costs for larger spaces.

Sensor and detection suite

  • Vape and marijuana (THC) detection
  • Vape masking detection
  • Aggression detection and calls for help
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Health index monitoring
  • Carbon Monoxide and CO2 levels
  • Nitrogen Dioxide
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Particulates
  • Chemical and gas detection
  • Gunshot detection
  • Vandalism and tresspassing
  • Spoken keyword detection
  • Motion detection
  • People counting (occupancy)
  • Light levels
  • Tamper detection

Typical Applications

The HALO Smart Sensor is suitable for use in many different environments and use cases, just some of which are noted here:

  • Vaping detection in schools and other education settings
  • Healthy environment monitoring for healthcare settings
  • Environmental monitoring and security for healthy commercial and manufacturing buildings
  • Hospitality settings
  • Retail and banking
  • For private areas where there is a concern about smoking, vaping or drug use
  • Tracking of Health Index information for cleaner indoor environments
  • Monitor areas where there are restrictions on the number of people congregating
  • For any area which needs security, but where cameras cannot be placed (such as school toilets)



  • T10 Torx Wrench
  • I/O connector Block
  • Mounting Plate
  • Information Card


  • Pole mount bracket
  • Conduit adapter
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