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| QNVR-04P

Vista QNVR-04P network video recorder with built-in PoE, 4 channels and up to 3TB HDD, full HD 1080p and Linux-based

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Overview of the QNVR-04P with PoE

This product is discontinued, for alternatives please see Wisenet NVRs

Vista QVNR-04P 4 channel network video recorder (NVR) with Linux embedded and capable of full HD 1080p recording, with in-built PoE switch for direct power to cameras via cat5e cable, easy setup with auto discovery feature, triple codec and seamless stream switching for high quality event recording. Vista QCMS software comes included to ease analogue to IP video migration and mobile access is provided through Vista Q-REMOTE apps for iOS and Android.

Not only does the Vista QNVR-04P NVR provide video recording for 4 cameras and HDD storage space up to 3TB, the built-in PoE switch also supplies power directly to cameras from the NVR, making for easy installation and providing an all-in-one recording solution. Running on Linux and featuring auto startup after power interruption, the QNVR-04P delivers reliable video recording with protection against virus attack and data loss. Recording in full HD 1080p provides smooth, high quality video footage ideal for most general CCTV applications. The included Western Digital Purple hard drive is surveillance class and designed for constant recording.

The Vista QNVR-04P NVR with PoE provides a range of features to assist with installation including auto discovery, a user-friendly interface, IP address setting and video data searching via time, date, motion and alarm. Motion detection, alarm, manual or scheduled recording modes ensure only specific data is recorded to save bandwidth and storage space, and delivering a configurable recording system ideal for a variety of applications. The QNVR-04P can be controlled via IR remote control, USB 2.0 mouse and keyboard depending on preference (keyboard not included).

H.264, MJPEG and MPEG-4 compression formats are all supported by the QNVR-04P, providing flexibility depending on application and requirements. Authenticity of video data is increased with watermarking and scrambling technologies, enabling the QNVR-04P to produce recorded video suitable for use as evidence in a court of law.

All Vista VK2 cameras can be used with the QNVR-04P NVR and cameras from other manufacturers are also supported through ONVIF Profile S to enable integration with existing IP video systems. Q-REMOTE is the free app from Vista available for iOS and Android to allow remote access to the QNVR-04P.

Please note: this NVR comes with 1TB of storage included, please select additional HDD storage from the above dropdown menu.

8 channel version: Vista QNVR-08P.

Key features & benefits

  • In-built PoE switch supplies power to cameras from the NVR for easy installation
  • Full HD recording in 1080p resolution provides high quality video footage
  • Support for 4 channels and up to 3TB HDD space makes this NVR ideal for small IP video systems
  • Compatible with all Vista VK2 cameras and cameras from alternative manufacturers that support ONVIF profile S
  • Linux-embedded operating system and auto restart after power interruption feature provide robust and reliable video recording
  • Auto discovery, a user-friendly GUI and data searching via time, date, motion and alarm provide easy installation and usability
  • Seamless stream switching optimises bandwidth and storage use by switching between different recording streams on a single channel input when an alarm occurs
  • Video data can be used as evidence in court with watermarking and scrambling technologies
  • Multi-decoding enables compression via H.264, MPEG-4 or JPEG depending on preference
  • Included Vista QCMS software and DVR-like characteristics aid analogue to IP video migration
  • Mobile support via Vista Q-REMOTE apps for iOS and Android provide convenient video management via smartphones and tablets
  • Can be controlled via IR remote control, USB 2.0 mouse and keyboard (keyboard not included)

Typical applications

With a built-in PoE switch, support for 4 channels and user-friendly installation and usability, the Vista QNVR-04P network video recorder with PoE provides a simple, all-in-one video recording solution ideal for small IP video systems in applications such as offices, doctors' surgeries, petrol stations, boutiques and salons. With DVR-like characteristics, this NVR is suitable for users who prefer analogue style CCTV systems whilst experiencing the advantages of IP video.



  • 1TB Western Digital Purple hard drive – please select from above menu if more storage is required
  • AC adaptor
  • Remote controller
  • 2 x AAA batteries
  • Mouse
  • Installation CD


  • Storage: please select from above dropdown menu
  • Vista VKBD4 keyboard
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Key technical features for Vista QNVR-04P

Environmentindoor, 5°C~40°C
Supported devices:Vista VK2 IP cameras (wireless models must be hard wired to network) and cameras compatible with ONVIF profile S
Maximum no. of cameras:4
HDD type:Western Digital Purple, support max. 1 HDDs/up to 4TB capacity for each disk
Audio:4 inputs, 1 output
OS:embedded Linux
Maximum throughput:64Mbps per network port
Power:system: DC 12V/3.5A, PoE: DC 48V/1A (12W per channel)
Control:IR remote control/mouse/VKBD4 keyboard (keyboard not included)
Compatibility:Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher(NVRs control or viewing)
Resolution:from 1024x768 up to 1920x1080p
Compression:H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG
Frame-rate:100ips @ 1080p/720p/D1
Viewing, detection & recording
Split screen:1/4 way
Playback control:normal, REW(*1,*2,*4, *8, *16) & FF (*1,*2,*4, *8, *16,), frame to frame, pause
PTZ control:from RS485 interface, via network
Simultaneous users:up to 25
Recording mode:normal, event (alarm/motion), schedule
Alarm detection:motion detection, audio, external output
Alarm notifications:e-mail notification when event occurs, stream switching
Backup:network, USB memory stick
Mobile viewing:Vista Q-REMOTE app for iOS and Android
Power:system: DC 12V/3.5A, PoE: DC 48V/1A (12W per channel)
Network:ethernet x4 for IP camera, ethernet x1 for client PC, RS-485 x2 (PTZ & keyboard control)
Audio:4 inputs, 1 output
Monitor:1 HDMI, 1VGA
Mouse:USB 2.0
Other:sensor in (NO, NC): 4, alarm out: 1
Dimensions:352(W) x 252(D) x 71(H)mm
Warranty:3 years
Operating temperatures:5°C~40°C
Power consumption:40W
Protocols supported:TCP/IP, SMTP, HTTP, DHCP, PPPOE (ADSL), RTP/RTSP
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