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Video encoders

What is a video encoder?

A video encoder (also called video server) encodes the video signal from an analogue CCTV camera into a digital signal. This enables video to be sent over common computer networks, such as a company LAN or the Internet. In essence, a video encoder turns the output of a traditional analogue CCTV camera into signal format that is the same as the output of an IP camera.

Video encoders are used to migrate from analogue CCTV to network-based video security systems, taking the benefits that IP camera systems offer without the cost of replacing existing camera equipment, protecting past investments.


In addition to the supply of IP video hardware, we provide free technical support and can also help with the migration from existing analogue CCTV to a network-based camera system. We offer commissioning services as well as training for system administrators and CCTV operatives, whilst we also offer IP camera installation and the integration of analogue CCTV cameras into IT networks.

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Top 10 best sellers
  1. Axis M2025-LE
    In / outdoor, IR, HD 1080p
  2. Axis M5525-E
    Outdoor PTZ, 10x zoom, WDR
  3. Axis P3245-LVE
    HD1080p, 40m IR, Lightfinder
  4. Wisenet QND-7010R
    Indoor done, 4MP resolution
  5. Axis F44 main unit
    Up to 4 sensors, dual audio
  6. Axis M3058-PLVE
    Outdoor, 360° Lightfinder
  7. Axis M3065-V
    Mini-dome, 1080p, WDR
  8. Wisenet QNV-7080
    Vandal-resistant, 4MP, 30m IR
  9. Axis M5055
    Indoor Mini PTZ, 5x opt zoom
  10. Wisenet QNO-7080R
    Outdoor, 4MP res, varifocal