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Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) is the easy way to access your security cameras. It is web-based, which means that viewing, recording, playback and alert management is all done via the web. Your video footage is safely stored off-site and you don�t need any recording software or video recorder. All you need is an IP camera and an Internet connection.

1 Month FREE trial - how it works

We offer a FREE trial for a period of 1 month for a single camera. After 1 month, or if you add a second camera within the 1 month trial period, the free trial will end and monthly charges will apply.

After the free trial period, the cost is £5 per camera per month. This includes VAT.

You can cancel any time. There are no tie-ins, we don't like tie-ins either. If you cancel during the free trial period it will cost you nothing at all.

Live view and video playback

From your personal account at www.mysecuritystation.com you can play recorded footage, view live camera feeds and manage your system.

Off-site recording

When motion is detected your camera sends recorded images off-site to our remote servers where they will be processed and securely stored.

Alert system

On motion detection, the system will send you an alert by email with a picture of the event attached. You can log in immediately to see what's going on or play back the recording later.

Web-based - access via your Internet browser

SecurityStation is web-based and accessed using your Internet browser. No software is required. It�s as simple as any other web application you may use.

Cross-browser support, including Internet Explorer 7 and 8, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Mobile access

The iPhone and iPad are supported. More mobile devices will follow.

Plug and play (PnP)

A range of cameras benefit from plug and play (PnP) support within SecurityStation. With this all you have to do is plug in the camera to your router or network, then log in to your SecurityStation account and start using it.

Using the plug and play (PnP) feature, the camera will automatically connect and pre-load default system settings to your account, so it is ready for use straight away. No configuration is necessary (and no complicated port-forwarding either). It truly is 'plug and play'.

Note that only cameras marked as �PnP� in the below camera list have this feature and that you will have to notify us if you wish to receive your camera plug and play (you can select this requirement when you are buying a camera). We will then send your camera pre-configured and issue you with a Camera Activation Token enabling you to activate your camera within SecurityStation without any hassle.

There is no additional charge for plug and play.

Key benefits - overview

  • Live viewing, recording, storage, playback and system management done simply via the web
  • Instant alert system via email, keeping you informed of any activity in real time, all the time
  • No recording device or software required, all you need is an IP camera and an Internet connection
  • Recordings are stored safely off-site, so intruders have no access to your video footage
  • Mobile access with iPhone or iPad
  • Plug and play set up, no configuration required (with PnP supported cameras)

Who is it for?

SecurityStation is ideal for business owners and managers, and anyone looking to keep an eye on his/her valuables, assets and property. Possible uses include monitoring building entrances and exits, server rooms, inventory, car parks, reception areas, shop presentation, staff attendance or simply keeping an eye on your home.

SecurityStation is perfect for night-time security or when you are away. It is also well-suited for multi-site operations. You can have cameras in different locations and view them all through one SecurityStation account.

What does it cost?

We offer you a 1 month single camera FREE trial.

After the free trial period, either after one month or at the moment you add a second camera, the service will cost £5 per camera per month (inclusive of VAT).

You can add and remove cameras as you go along, up to a maximum of 16. You may cancel your account at any time without notice; there are no tie-ins. If you cancel during the free trial period, you will not be charged at all.

Each camera comes with an allowance of 250 recorded events in your account at any one time and an allowance of 1,000 recorded events per month. So if you have 2 cameras, the allowance is 500 stored events and 2,000 events per month etc.

The system allows you to add up to 30 users and you can assign different user rights.

How to get a SecurityStation account?

Just Sign up to get a 1 month FREE trial.

Or, if you want us to send your camera plug and play, choose your camera here and select �SecurityStation 1 month free trial plug and play�. You will receive your camera ready for use with a simple guide to how to start your 1 month free trial.

Supported cameras

Cameras marked (PnP) can be sent to you in plug and play mode.

(PnP*) - These cameras are wireless and will require wireless configuration, which is not done as part of PnP.

Camera activation tokens explained

All above cameras can be used within SecurityStation without the need for a camera activation token.

A camera activation token is only required if you wish to receive your camera plug and play, ready for use. The token is input into SecurityStation at the time of adding your plug and play camera. Plug and play is only available with cameras marked (PnP) in the above camera list and you should select this requirement at the time of ordering your camera.

Your existing cameras

You don�t have to buy new cameras to start using SecurityStation. If you already have cameras you can just create an account and add them. But check they appear in the above list to ensure your cameras are supported.

Need help?

Call us on 0151 633 2111 for general enquires or sales. Please call 01592 650220 for technical support.

Or, send us a message using our contact form and we'll be in touch.

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