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Y-cam Shell Kit inc. 4 Y-cam Shell outdoor enclosures for the Y-cam IP camera

Y-cam Shell Kit inc. 4 Y-cam Shell outdoor enclosures for the Y-cam IP camera

Included in this kit are 4 Y-cam Shell universal outdoor enclosures suitable for Y-cam IP cameras (White, Black and Knight models).

Designed exclusively for the Y-cam, the Y-cam Shell is a weatherproof enclosure which allows you to place your camera outdoors for increased monitoring possibilities.

The housing is specially designed so that wireless signals and audio will pass through the case allowing full functionality from the camera. It is semi-cable managed and easy to install, ideal for home or small-business security.

Y-cam Shell 4-pack - Key benefits:

  • The Y-cam Shell represents an affordable entry into IP CCTV monitoring, increasing the number of places you can install your Y-cam IP camera without compromising the wireless connection or audio functionality

Y-cam Shell 4-pack - Key features:

  • Outdoor ready, the housing provides protection for the Y-cam from the weather
  • Specially designed to accommodate the key functionality of the Y-cam such as wireless transmission and 1-way audio listen-in
  • Infrared illumination can also be used due to the enclosure’s open-face design (Infrared feature available on Black and Knight models)
  • Semi-cable managed to allow simple routing of power and data cables
  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Compatible with all current Y-cam models (Y-cam White, Y-cam Black, Y-cam Knight)

Y-cam Shell 4-pack - Typical applications:

  • This product bundle includes 4x Y-cam Shell housings to accommodate 4x Y-cam IP cameras around your home or small business. Mount in locations to watch over your driveway, entrances, windows, gardens, garages etc.

Y-cam Shell 4-pack - Key technical indicators:

  • Casing: Made from high quality anti-UV rays ABS materials
  • Dimensions: 200mm front to back x 110mm high
  • Weight: without camera 0.6kg (1.32lb)
  • Colour: Black

Y-cam Shell 4-pack - Connections:

  • Network cable pass-through: RJ-45 connector
  • Power extension cable: 5V DC input connector

Items included in this bundle:

  • 4x Y-cam Shell universal outdoor enclosures (4x YCEX01)

Y-cam Shell 4-pack - Accessories included:

  • 3x Stainless steel screws for wall mount bracket
  • 3x Wall plug for wall mount bracket screws
  • 4x Screws for camera holding plate (internal)
  • 1x Hex key

Y-cam Shell 4-pack - Additional items you may want to order with this camera:

  • 4 x Y-cam Shell Universal Outdoor Enclosure Units
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