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Veracity Highwire Quad VHW-HWQ Ethernet over co-axial video with 4-port switch with PoE output

Veracity Highwire Quad VHW-HWQ Ethernet over co-axial video with 4-port switch with PoE output

This product is discontinued, an alternative is the Veracity VHW-HWPS-C4

The Veracity Highwire Quad VHW-HWQ is a 4-port switch with Power over Ethernet (PoE) output for powering up to 4 PoE class-2 (6.5W) network cameras from standard CAT5 Ethernet cables.

The Highwire Quad has an analogue video BNC connection at one end to receive data across existing legacy analogue cabling using a single Highwire unit at the opposite end (not supplied). Data can be transmitted at speeds of up to 200Mbps across co-axial cable suitable for megapixel and multiple camera installations.

Easy to install, the Highwire Quad requires no network configuration. Simply supply power to the unit and plug in a co-ax cable and network devices to use. Compact, robust and wall mountable it represents an affordable solution for multi-camera PoE installations.

Note: This device does not include a power supply. Please select one if required from the options above.

Veracity Highwire VHW-HWQ - Key benefits:

  • Legacy co-axial video cabling can be re-used for new generation digital IP CCTV surveillance providing significant cost savings
  • Power over Ethernet output provides data and power connections in up to 4 PoE Class 2 (6.5W) IP cameras allowing for a much simpler and cost-effective installation
  • High transfer rate of 200Mbps (max.) allows the use of megapixel or multiple IP cameras to run from a single co-axial cable

Veracity Highwire VHW-HWQ - Key features:

  • Existing analogue video cabling can be retained making significant cost savings when migrating to a digital IP CCTV solution
  • High transfer speed over co-ax of up to 200Mbps supports megapixel and multi-camera installations. Note that speeds will reduce if cable is over 200m length or damaged
  • Allows operation over analogue co-ax cable lengths of up to 300m. Full speed is achieved at lengths 200m or below
  • Will work with any network device. Highwire quad is not detectable on the network by any other networking device
  • Easy to install, the Highwire Quad requires no network configuration

Veracity Highwire VHW-HWQ - Typical applications:

  • Ideal for migrating from analogue CCTV to digital IP CCTV systems. Make significant cost savings using legacy co-axial video cable and Power over Ethernet output

Veracity Highwire VHW-HWQ - Key technical indicators:

  • Analogue interface: BNC connector 75ohm, up to 300m (200m for full data rate)
  • Data throughput max.: 200Mbps (total up + down). Auto-adaptation to cable conditions
  • Ethernet interface: 4x RJ-45, straight-through or cross-over (auto detected), 100BaseT/10BaseT, full/half duplex with auto negotiation
  • Power over Ethernet: IEEE 802.3af on 4 ports, suitable for powering up to 4 PoE class 2 (6.5W) cameras
  • Power input: 24V AC, use PSU VQ-24V-UK (not supplied)
  • Operating temperature: -10°C to 50°C
  • Dimensions: (HxWxD) 32 x 110 x 91mm
  • Weight: 250g (9oz.)

Veracity Highwire VHW-HWQ - Connections:

  • Analogue connector: BNC 75ohm
  • Ethernet connector: RJ-45 x4 with IEEE802.3af PoE output
  • Power input 24V AC terminal block connector
Product data sheet: Veracity Highwire Ethernet over analogue co-axial cable (PDF 1.12MB)
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