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Bosch AutoDome VG4-312-ETE2W endless 360 degree pan-tilt-zoom dome IP camera with 18x zoom with auto day/night switching

Bosch AutoDome VG4-312-ETE2W endless 360 degree pan-tilt-zoom dome IP camera with 18x zoom with auto day/night switching

This camera has been discontinued. A suitable alternative is the Axis P5532-E

The Bosch AutoDome VG4-312-ETE2W is a weatherproof PTZ dome network camera housed in a vandal resistant enclosure for outdoor IP CCTV applications. The camera delivers images at a resolution of 752x582 pixels using IP video or 470TVL on analogue monitors and features a 360° endless pan and 18x optical zoom operation.

The AutoDome series is modular by design. The cameras are built around a series of common components which make upgrading and servicing as easy as changing a light bulb. Install a high quality camera system today with the confidence that you can upgrade to an even more advanced camera in the future without having to replace your entire investment.

The VG4-312-ETE2W is a high-speed PTZ dome camera with hybrid connectivity meaning you can integrate the camera into an existing analogue CCTV system allowing you to migrate to an IP-based video security system at your own pace. Like all IP cameras offered on www.networkwebcams.co.uk, the Bosch AutoDome VG4-312-ETE2W has a built-in web server and can be viewed over a Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN) or via the Internet as a streaming IP webcam.

Bosch AutoDome VG4-312-ETE2W - Key benefits:

  • The AutoDome modular design allows upgrading or servicing of your camera quickly and cost-effectively without having to remove the dome or even cut the power. This provides a camera system which can quickly change or adapt to your security systems needs
  • Hybrid connectivity supplies analogue video output with an IP communications module allowing you to protect your current analogue CCTV investment while providing a migration path to a fully digital IP-based solution

Bosch AutoDome VG4-312-ETE2W - Key features:

  • Modular AutoDome series features fully interchangeable CPU, cameras, housings, communications and mounts for easy servicing and upgrades
  • Hybrid connectivity allows the camera to easily integrate into any existing analogue CCTV system giving you the opportunity to add IP-based functionality at your own pace
  • Tri-streaming video support for simultaneous MPEG-4 (2x) and JPEG (1x) video streaming using the included IP communications module
  • 1/4 inch Exview HAD CCD imaging sensor
  • Lens: 4.1-73.8mm, F1.4 to F3.0, auto focus, auto iris, horizontal viewing angle: 48° (wide) 2.7° (tele)
  • Zoom: 18x optical, 12x digital (216x zoom combined)
  • High speed dome with 360° endless rotation at pan speeds of 360°/second
  • Resolution: 752 x 582 pixels, 470 TVL (PAL)
  • Frame rate: 25 images per second (PAL)
  • Automatic day/night switching provides 24-hour surveillance. The camera will automatically remove the infrared (IR) filter during periods of low-light to provide infrared sensitivity
  • SensUp control feature can increase camera sensitivity by more than 50 times by extending shutter speed time for dark scenes
  • 99 Preset positions available
  • 1x Guard tour covering 99 preset positions with configurable dwell time
  • 2x Record/playback tours allow playback of an operator’s recorded movements including pan/tilt and zoom activities over a maximum 15 minute period
  • 7x alarm inputs
  • 4x alarm outputs, 1x which is relay rated at 2A
  • Advanced alarm control based on an alarm management rules engine uses sophisticated rules based logic to determine how to manage alarms
  • Auto pivot feature automatically rotates the camera and flips the camera so that a moving target can be easily followed
  • Included web server allows remote access to user settings, camera adjustments, and firmware updates using a standard web browser
  • Advanced privacy masking provides a total of 24 individual privacy masks to be configured with up to 8 displayed on the same scene. These masks are multi-cornered and can be configured with 3,4 or even 5 corners for easy placement over awkward areas. The masks are also dynamic, adjusting in relation to pan, tilt or zoom motion
  • The IP66 rated enclosure will protect your camera from outdoor conditions and with its tough exterior casing, rugged polycarbonate bubble and tamper-resistant fittings the risk of vandalism is also reduced
  • Wall mount installation

Bosch AutoDome VG4-312-ETE2W - Typical applications:

  • High quality PTZ dome camera for IP CCTV security installations in exposed outdoor environments such as prisons, detention centres, schools, universities, shopping centres, manufacturing facilities etc.

Bosch AutoDome VG4-312-ETE2W - Key technical indicators:

  • Compression format: Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 (tri-streaming capability using 2x MPEG-4 streams and 1x JPEG stream)
  • Sensor: 1/4 inch Exview HAD CCD
  • Lens: 4.1-73.8mm, F1.4 to F3.0, auto focus, auto iris, horizontal viewing angle: 48° (wide) 2.7° (tele)
  • Zoom: 18x optical, 12x digital (216x zoom combined)
  • Pan range: 360° endless rotation
  • Preset position speed: Pan 360°/second, Tilt 210°/second
  • Resolution: 752 x 582 pixels (PAL), 470TVL
  • Frame-rate: up to 25 images per second (PAL)
  • Minimum illumination: 0.0082 lux (day mode, SensUp 15x, 50 IRE), 0.0013 lux (night mode, SensUp 15x, 50 IRE)
  • Housing: IP66 rated outdoor-ready, cast aluminium, with heater/blower temperature control
  • Vandal resistant casing with impact resistant polycarbonate rugged tinted bubble and tamper resistant recessed screws
  • Supported languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Italian and Dutch
  • Power options: 230VAC input. Outdoor power back box containing 24VAC transformer providing power to dome camera
  • Power: 21/30VAC 50hz
  • Power consumption: 50W
  • Power, data and video inputs are protected by built-in surge suppression/li>
  • Operating temperatures: -40°C to 50°C (-40°F to 122°F)
  • Weight: 3.32kg
  • Dome Dimensions: 224mm diameter
  • Distance to front of dome from wall using wall mount : 549.6mm
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty

Bosch AutoDome VG4-312-ETE2W - Connections:

  • Network: Cat5 Ethernet 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX, RJ45
  • Analogue out: Composite BNC
  • Alarm I/O: 7 inputs, 4 outputs
  • Power: 21-30VAC 50Hz (camera), 21-30VAC (heater)
Product data sheet: Bosch Autodome 300 Series (PDF 2MB)
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