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Arecont AV8360 IP camera – 8 Megapixel total resolution, 4 lenses, 360 degree view and low light operation

Arecont AV8360 IP camera – 8 Megapixel total resolution, 4 lenses, 360 degree view and low light operation

This product is no longer available. Its replacement is the Arecont Vision AV8365DN.

The Arecont Vision AV8360 is one of the few IP security cameras on the market which provide a full 360° view of the camera location. Four lenses provide megapixel images at 90° to each other covering all angles, reducing the need for multiple cameras.

The AV8360 offers electronic pan, tilt and zoom and can provide useable images in low light conditions thanks to its Moonlight Mode. Power over Ethernet is also included making the camera easy to install.

Use the AV8360 for unobtrusive monitoring of shop or office floors. Alternatively provide an online attraction for website viewers, allowing them to see all around your site.

Arecont Vision AV8360 - Key Benefits:

  • Fewer cameras required - a single camera can cover 360° simultaneously
  • Capture more detail - 2 megapixel image quality per lens
  • View unobtrusively - silent digital pan, tilt and zoom

Arecont Vision AV8360 - Key Features:

  • 360° view
  • Digital pan, tilt and zoom
  • Digital image rotation
  • 2 megapixel images per sensor (8 megapixel in total)
  • Fast refresh rates
  • IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet support
  • Automatic exposure
  • Automatic gain control
  • Automatic white balance
  • Automatic backlight compensation
  • Anti-flicker compensation
  • Moonlight mode for low light conditions
  • Programmable blur control

Arecont Vision AV8360 - Typical Applications:

The Arecont AV8360 is best suited to open indoor areas such as open plan offices or large stock rooms. Alternatively the AV8360 could be used for non-invasive monitoring since the camera offers silent pan, tilt and zoom, perfect for shop floor or mall security or for monitoring your workforce.

Arecont Vision AV8360 - Key Technical Indicators:

  • Sensor: Four separate 2 megapixel ½” CMOS sensors
  • Lens: Four fixed 90° C-mount lenses
  • Available frame rates: 88fps @ 800x600, [email protected]
  • Available resolutions: 1600x1200, 800x600. Other resolutions available through cropping
  • Compression format: Motion JPEG (21 quality levels)
  • Minimum light level required: 0.2Lux @ F2.0
  • Number of simultaneous users: 8
  • Protocols supported: HTTP, TFTP
  • Security: Multi-level security
  • Power: IEEE 802.3af PoE or DC power supply (not supplied)
  • Consumption: 7.8W max
  • Case: Aluminium with Perspex dome. Internal use only
  • Dimensions (mm): Ø152.2 x 164.8
  • Weight: 1.8Kg

Arecont Vision AV8360 - Connections:

  • Female RJ-45 Ethernet connection
  • Connection for power supply (not included)

Arecont Vision AV8360 - Accessories Included:

  • Camera software CD
  • Camera documentation

Arecont Vision AV8360 - Additional items you may wish to consider:

  • Indoor pendant dome housing - ceiling mount
  • Indoor pendant dome housing - wall mount
  • Outdoor pendant dome housing - ceiling mount
  • Outdoor pendant dome housing - wall mount
  • Recessed dome ceiling/wall kit

Arecont Vision AV8360 - Datasheet:

Full product datasheet can be accessed here: Arecont AV8360

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