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Arecont AV8180 IP camera – 8 Megapixel total resolution, 4 lenses, 180 degree view, low light operation for all-roun

Arecont AV8180 IP camera – 8 Megapixel total resolution, 4 lenses, 180 degree view, low light operation for all-roun

This product is no longer available. Its replacement is the Arecont Vision AV8185DN.

The Arecont AV8180 is an 8 megapixel CCTV IP camera with SurroundVideo® which provides a full 180° view of the camera location. Four lenses are used together with each having its own 2 megapixel sensor covering an angle of 45°.

Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) is supported on the AV8180, as is digital pan, tilt and zoom. On-board signal processing also offers automatic gain control, white balance and exposure as well as a Moonlight Mode for night time viewing.

Use the AV8180 for indoor security applications, using a single camera where many would be needed to cover a large area. Alternatively the AV8180 could, with use of an external housing, be used as a web attraction for tourist hot spots such as beaches, esplanades or historic points of interest.

Please note that a power supply is not included with this camera. Should you require a Power over Ethernet midspan please select one from the drop-down list above.

Arecont AV8180 - Key Benefits:

  • Have multiple users looking at different views - each user can choose a different angle
  • No need for multiple cameras - cover a wide area with a single IP camera
  • View smooth footage - high image refresh rate provided

Arecont AV8180 - Key Features:

  • SurroundVideo® provides full 180° view
  • Electronic pan, tilt and zoom
  • 8 megapixel resolution (4 x 2 megapixel)
  • Refresh rates of up to 88 frames per second
  • Power over Ethernet support (IEEE 802.3af PoE)
  • Auto exposure (AE)
  • Auto gain control (AGC)
  • Auto white balance (AWB)
  • Auto backlight compensation (ABC)
  • Anti-flicker compensation to prevent indoor lighting effecting images
  • Moonlight mode adjusts shutterspeed and gain for usable images in low-light conditions
  • Programmable blur control reduces blurring in low light conditions

Arecont AV8180 - Typical Applications:

The most appropriate use for the Arecont AV8180 would be to have the camera wall mounted, providing a full 180° view for security applications. Alternatively, with use of an external housing, use the AV8180 as a web attraction for tourist hotspots.

Arecont AV8180 - Key Technical Indicators:

  • Sensor: Four separate 2 megapixel 1/2” CMOS sensors
  • Lens: Four fixed 45° C-mount lenses
  • Available frame rates: 88 fps max @ 800x600, 22 fps max @1600x1200
  • Available resolutions: 1600x1200, 800x600 per sensor. Other resolutions available through cropping
  • Compression format: Motion JPEG (21 quality levels)
  • Minimum light level required: 0.2 lux @ F2.0
  • Number of simultaneous users: 8
  • Protocols supported: HTTP, TFTP
  • Security: Multi-level username and password
  • Power: IEEE 802.3af PoE or DC power supply (not included)
  • Consumption: 7.8W max
  • Case: Aluminium with Perspex dome. Internal use only
  • Dimensions (mm): Diameter 152.2 x 164.8
  • Weight: 1.8Kg

Arecont AV8180 - Connections:

  • 10/100Mbps RJ-45 Ethernet connection
  • Connector for optional power adaptor (not supplied)

Arecont AV8180 - Accessories Included:

  • Camera software CD
  • Camera documentation

Arecont AV8360 - Additional items you may wish to consider:

  • Indoor pendant dome housing - ceiling mount
  • Indoor pendant dome housing - wall mount
  • Outdoor pendant dome housing - ceiling mount
  • Outdoor pendant dome housing - wall mount
  • Recessed dome ceiling/wall kit

Arecont AV8180 - Datasheet:

Product data sheet: Arecont Vision AV8180 (PDF 566KB)

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