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Mobotix CamIO-PoE input/output connection module for Mobotix M22 and M12 IP CCTV security cameras

Mobotix CamIO-PoE input/output connection module for Mobotix M22 and M12 IP CCTV security cameras
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This product is discontinued.

The CamIO unit from Mobotix is designed to allow you to connect external sensors and devices to your M12 and M22 IP cameras (IT and SEC variants).

The CamIO unit is IP65 rated so is safe to be installed in wet or dusty conditions. Once mounted, your Mobotix CCTV camera mounts directly to the CamIO unit and can react or control the inputs and outputs.

External audio equipment can be connected to the CamIO unit allowing greater flexibility with on-site audio.

Please note that the Mobotix CamIO unit is camera specific. Please select your Mobotix IP camera from the drop-down list above.

Mobotix CamIO-PoE- Key Benefits:

  • Improved flexibility – trigger your camera on external triggers or use your camera to switch on lights on events
  • Use external audio equipment – audio input and output connections

Mobotix CamIO-PoE - Key Features:

  • Twin signal inputs
  • External audio input
  • External audio output
  • Included external speaker
  • Power over Ethernet support
  • Fixings included

Mobotix CamIO-PoE - Key Technical Indicators:

  • Power: 802.3af Power over Ethernet
  • Case: IP65 Rated. Safe for use outdoors
  • Dimensions (mm): 162.5 x 136 x 158 (assembled)

Mobotix CamIO-PoE - Connections:

  • 1 x female RJ-45 PoE camera port
  • 1 x female RJ-45 PoE network port
  • 2 x signal input
  • 1 x signal output
  • 1 x audio input
  • 1 x audio output

Mobotix CamIO-PoE - Accessories Included:

  • CamIO Wall Mount Foot
  • CamIO Housing
  • Cover for wall mount
  • Cable seals
  • Socket plug (for M22)
  • M6x40 allen screws
  • ø6.4mm washers
  • 5x80mm wood screws
  • 8mm dowels
  • Screw caps for wall mount
  • Speaker with audio cables
  • 5mm allen wrench
  • 3x10mm wood screw
  • ø3.4mm washers

Mobotix CamIO-PoE - Datasheet:

Product data sheet: Mobotix CamIO
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