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Bosch NWC-0455 Static IP Camera - Outdoor bundle wall mount

Bosch NWC-0455 Static IP Camera - Outdoor bundle wall mount

This camera has been discontinued. A suitable alternative is the Axis M1113-E.

This product bundle includes a Bosch Dinion NWC-0455 with everything you need to mount the camera in an outdoor location providing external security monitoring capabilities.

This package includes a Bosch NWC-0455 fixed IP camera with a Videotec Compact Verso housing and suitable wall mounting with internal cable channel to provide full weather-proof protection. The Bosch NWC-0455 will deliver high-quality digital images at a maximum resolution of 704x576 at a frame rate of up to 25/30fps. Advanced features include Power over Ethernet support, NightSense technology for low-light monitoring, analogue video output for simple monitoring in legacy analogue CCTV systems, iSCSI support for supported storage devices so the camera can record directly without the need for additional equipment, alarm management functions which will provide image transfer by FTP or email when events have been triggered by means of motion detection, sensor input or set off by the camera’s built-in tampering alarm. Designed with security in mind, the Bosch NWC-0455 provides high-quality monitoring and anti-tampering protection.

Included in this package:

  • 1x Bosch NWC-0455 Dinion IP camera (NWC-0455/10P)
  • 1x Bosch 3-8mm varifocal lens, DC-iris (LTC 3364/32)
  • 1x Videotec Compact Verso housing with 115/230V heater (HPV36K1A00B)
  • 1x Wall mounting bracket with internal cable channel (WBOVA2)
  • Additional items you may have chosen (from selections above)

Typical applications:

  • Compact in size, the camera can be used in a wide range of security monitoring applications including the monitoring of car parks, offices, shops, reception areas, schools and universities, warehouses, factories, construction sites, airports, train stations and other general public spaces and facilities
Product data sheet: Bosch NWC-0455 Network Camera (PDF 811k)
Product data sheet: Videotec Compact Verso Housing (PDF 162KB)
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