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Sony SNC-CS11P Network camera - Outdoor bundle wall mount

Sony SNC-CS11P Network camera - Outdoor bundle wall mount

This product is no longer available. Its replacement is the Sony SNC-CH120 outdoor.

This outdoor bundle combines the Sony IPELA SNC-CS11P with a Videotec Outdoor Housing. Useful features include two-way audio, an analogue video output (BNC), built-in motion detection and pre- / post- alarm recording. The Sony SNC-CS11P comes with a DC Servo Auto Iris Lens that makes it ideal for outdoor security applications. Equipped with a Sony progressive scan CCD and advanced DSP technology, this camera produces high-resolution images and delivers excellent colour reproduction. It also supports both JPEG and MPEG-4 compression formats for greater flexibility when configuring the camera on the network. This product bundle provides a cost-effective solution for monitoring outdoor locations such as car parks, storage yards and forecourts. The Sony SNC-CS11P IP camera delivers 30 images per second at resolution 640 x 480 VGA (JPEG and MPEG-4) and provides colour images in light conditions down to 1.7 lux. Like all IP cameras offered on www.networkwebcams.co.uk, the Sony IPELA SNC-CS11P has a built-in webserver and can be viewed over a Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN) or via the Internet.

Important: This outdoor bundle does not include a camera power supply unless you have selected one from the options above.

An indoor version is available: Sony SNC-CS11P Network Camera

Sony SNC-CS11P Outdoor - Included in this bundle:

  • 1x Sony IPELA SNC-CS11P IP network camera (SNC-CS11P)
  • 1x Videotec Compact Verso housing with 115/230V heater (HPV36K1A00B)
  • 1x Wall mounting bracket with internal cable channel (WBOVA2)
  • Additional items you may have chosen (from selections above)

Additional items you may want to order with this product bundle:

  • Milestone recording software, or
  • Sony Realshot Manager recording software
Data sheet: Sony IPELA SNC-CS10P and SNC-CS11P network cameras (PDF 185k).
Data sheet: Verso Compact outdoor housing (PDF 161k)
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