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PowerDsine PD-3001/AC-UK Power over Ethernet Midspan 1 port

PowerDsine PD-3001/AC-UK Power over Ethernet Midspan 1 port

Please note: This product has reached end-of-line. The replacement for this is the PowerDsine PD-3501G IEEE802.3af Power over Ethernet midspan.

The PowerDsine PD-3001/AC-UK 1-Port Power over Ethernet Midspan is for use in combination with a PoE Splitter or IP cameras that have built-in IEEE802.3af PoE support. The PoE Midspan injects power into a standard ethernet cable (e.g. standard CAT5E), enabling power and data to run over a single cable.

This 1 port version enables power injection in one ethernet cable only (6 and 12 port midspans are also available). The PoE Midspan can be installed anywhere on the ethernet cable run but is typically located near the corresponding data connection, e.g. a switch or a router. Included with this midspan is a 0.25m Cat5e patch cable for easy connection to your network.

This Power over Ethernet Midspan is compatible with a range of PoE Splitters and network cameras.

Key benefits of Power over Ethernet (PoE):

  • Power and data are run over the same cable (e.g. standard CAT5E cable), allowing the installation of an IP camera with just one cable
  • Allows cameras to be installed in areas where conventional electrical cabling and outlets are unavailable or difficult to install
  • Simplified cable installation significantly reduces installation time and costs

PD-3001/AC-UK - Connections:

  • Power: AC input
  • Data input connector: RJ-45
  • Data and power output connector: RJ-45
This item can be supplied with a European plug. Please call on 0151 633 2111 quoting part no. PD-3001/AC-EUR to order

PD-3001/AC-UK - Key technical data:

  • IEEE802.3af compliant
  • Data rates: 10/100 Mbps
  • Input voltage: 90 to 264V AC
  • Power over Ethernet output voltage: -48V
  • Minimum output port power: 15.4W
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 31mm x 60 mm x 145 mm
  • Operating temperature: 0° to 40° C

PD-3001/AC-UK - Items included

  • PowerDSine PD-3001/AC-UK single-port midspan (PD-3001)
  • 0.25m Cat5e patch cable (H0.2MPLGE)
  • UK wall socket power cable
Download the manufacturer's product data sheet (PDF 136k).
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