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Axis P8815-2 3D people counter for accurate collection of occupancy and visitor trend data

Axis P8815-2 3D people counter for accurate collection of occupancy and visitor trend data
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Suitable for analysing customer behaviour or estimating occupancy levels in retail settings, this handy people counting device provides real-time data, allowing users to gain a greater understanding of consumer behaviour.
  • Combines automatic people counting software and 3D imaging
  • Suitable for a range of conditions
  • Generates a 3D depth map
  • Real-time occupancy level estimation
  • Axis 5-year warranty
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Overview of the Axis P8815-2

Axis Communications
  • Automatically collects foot traffic data
  • Functions in strong sunlight or busy conditions
  • Easily mountable with optional accessories
  • Allows users to understand visitor trends
  • Axis 5-year warranty
  • Dimensions: 168 x 78 x 30 mm

Containing both 3D imaging software and hardware in a single device, the Axis P8815-2 People Counter gives users a unique insight into the people visiting their premises. By counting the people who pass the device, users can analyse and understand occupancy levels and consumer behaviour and make informed decisions based on this data. This product helpfully generates a 3D depth map to aid the interpretation of data and help users act quickly.

Suitable for use in a range of challenging conditions, the Axis P8815-2 is able to function in areas with shadows, strong sunlight, glares, or high volumes of foot traffic – making it truly versatile and reliable. Counting data is stored for up to 90 days, assuring users that they have time to analyse the data over a longer period of time. Furthermore, installation is straightforward with support for Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), reducing the number of cables required. The unit is also easy to mount with optional accessories available to wall or pendant mount, and if wider area coverage is required, two units can be mounted together and work simultaneously.

Please note: this people counter does not come with a power supply, please select from the accessories tab if required.

Key features & benefits

  • Collects data as individuals pass the device, giving users a greater understanding of foot traffic in the area
  • Generates a 3D depth map for more in-depth analysis
  • Able to work in challenging conditions
  • Stores data for up to 90 days
  • Supports PoE for cost-effective and straightforward integration
  • Easy to mount with multiple units able to work together

Typical applications

Providing a comprehensive insight into occupancy levels and customer behaviour, this handy device is ideal for retail and recreation applications such as supermarkets, museums and shopping centres.



  • Installation guide
  • User manual
  • Windows decoder 1-user license

Optional (select from the accessories tab):

  • Axis T91E61 Wall Mount
  • Axis T91B53 Telescopic Ceiling Mount
  • PoE midspan

Axis P8815-2 videos

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