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Milestone XProtect Access add-on application for use with Milestone XProtect - Door Licence

Milestone XProtect Access add-on application for use with Milestone XProtect - Door Licence
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This add-on application allows users to manage their access control system within XProtect VMS. An Access Door Licence is required for each access point, and users can control up to 5,000 access points – for powerful and scalable solution.
  • For XProtect Express+, Professional+, Expert, and Corporate
  • One door licence required for each access point
  • Base licence required to connect app to an XProtect system
  • Enables access control systems to be integrated and managed
  • Control up to 5,000 access points
  • Allows remote access using XProtect Smart Client

Overview of the Milestone XProtect Access Door Licence

Milestone XProtect Access is an add-on application to be integrated with a valid Express+, Professional+, Expert or Corporate system.

This Milestone XProtect Access Door Licence is for use only when a Milestone XProtect Access base licence has been installed onto an existing video management system.

Key features & benefits

  • Compatible with XProtect Express+, Professional+, Expert and Corporate
  • Milestone XProtect Access allows existing access control systems to connect directly into XProtect VMS to create enhanced entry and exit security
  • Provides a remote and centralised solution to access point security
  • Alarm notifications can be configured to alert users of unauthorised access
  • Remotely control access points and identify their status via map functionality
  • Allows users to grant remote access to individuals and solve access issues through XProtect Smart Client

Documentation for Milestone Access Door Licence