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Arcules Cloud ARC2 Gateway NW-F-02T - 50 channel gateway device

Arcules Cloud ARC2 Gateway NW-F-02T - 50 channel gateway device
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Overview of the Arcules Cloud ARC2 Gateway F-02T - 50 channel gateway device

Arcules Cloud CCTV

The Arcules Cloud ARC2 F-02T Gateway is a hardware device that facilitates the transfer of video from your cameras to the cloud. This model supports up to 50 video channels, and an ARC2 gateway device is required for each individual site with an Arcules Cloud subscription.

The gateway utilises end-to-end encryption and efficient video processing to ensure secure, reliable video upload to the cloud. It is easy to plug the appliance into your network, and automatic camera discovery makes setup quick and easy.

Canon Group and Google Cloud
Since the gateway is cloud managed, it updates automatically so you can be assured your device is running the latest software whilst still enjoying the benefits of minimal IT involvement. In addition, the high-performance device buffers video in the event of a network connection failure so that recordings are not lost and can be uploaded to the cloud when connectivity is restored.

Arcules Cloud schematic

Arcules Cloud videos

Setting up your Gateway: