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Axis Q8742-LE outdoor bispectral PTZ with HD 1080p, 640 x 480 thermal sensor, 30x optical zoom, 360° pan and up to 500m IR [01017-001]

Axis Q8742-LE outdoor bispectral PTZ with HD 1080p, 640 x 480 thermal sensor, 30x optical zoom, 360° pan and up to 500m IR
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Overview of the Axis Q8742-LE

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Designed for mission-critical applications, this bispectral PTZ network camera from Axis delivers both thermal and high-definition CCTV surveillance in one. It features an HD 1080p visual sensor with powerful 30x optical zooming, and a thermal sensor which delivers thermal imaging in VGA resolution (640 x 480). In addition, the outdoor-ready unit offers full pan/tilt functionality and is also supplied with a pair of infrared illuminators which enhance night vision at a range of up to 500m.

Part of the professional Axis Q87 series, this dual sensor unit delivers two live streams: one from a thermal sensor and one from a high-definition visual sensor at up to 25 frames per second (fps). This dual stream provides the ‘best of both worlds’ - delivering accurate detection and verification, as well as the ability to distinguish colours and details. The visual sensor also supports wide dynamic range (WDR) – Forensic Capture, which ensures the capture of details in high contrast scenes. A pair of 850nm infrared (IR) illuminators are supplied, alongside a set of diverging lenses which offer varying beam angles and illumination distances up to 500m.

When mounted onto a column or pole, this high-performance unit can deliver a full 360° unobstructed field of view and 135° ‘ground to sky’ tilt. It’s jerk-free, variable pan/tilt movements allow users to precisely navigate across large locations to areas of interest – ensuring no vital footage is missed. The unit’s robust, IP66-rated housing allows for safe deployment in outdoor areas and Arctic Temperature Control ensures continuous operation in temperatures as low as -40°C.

Various video motion detection methods are configurable to help alert users of possible incidents, and alarm signalling is enhanced with the connection of external alarms sources devices via the included I/O connector. These alerts can also be set to trigger certain tasks such as starting a guard tour or moving directly to a pre-set position – ensuring all activity is captured.

Axis' award-winning Zipstream technology analyses and optimises the video stream in real-time, recording interesting detail in high quality, whilst filtering other areas out to reduce bandwidth and storage use. A built-in SFP slot offers optional fibre connectivity for long distance network connections (SFP module not included) and the integrated MicroSD card slot provides edge storage - serving as a handy backup of data in the event of network failure.

Please note: this camera does not come with a power supply, please select from the dropdown menu above if required.

Key features & benefits

  • Bispectral PTZ consists of a thermal and visual sensor – providing accurate detection, as well as the ability to distinguish colour and detail
  • Visual sensor captures smooth HD 1080p resolution video at up to 25 frames per second
  • Delivers thermal imaging in 640 x 480 (VGA) that can be scaled up to 800 x 600 (SVGA)
  • IP66-rated, aluminium housing offers protection against harsh weather conditions
  • Jerk-free, variable pan/tilt movements (including 360° pan and 135° tilt) allows precise navigation across large scenes
  • Powerful IR illuminators are supplied with a range of diverging lenses and provide up to 500m of night vision
  • 30x optical zooming enables the user to obtain close-up views in areas of interest
  • Focus recall improves PTZ performance and provides instant focus in predefined areas
  • WDR – Forensic Capture technology improves image quality in scenes with high contrast lighting
  • Remote operation of the integrated washer and silicone wiper removes water or dirt that collects on the surface of the lens cover
  • Video motion detection alarms can be used to trigger recordings and alert users of possible incidents
  • I/O connector is included and allows external devices to be connected for enhanced alarm signalling
  • Axis’ Zipstream technology optimises the video stream in real-time, lowering bandwidth and storage levels by up to 50%
  • SFP slot enables fibre connectivity for long distance network connections
  • Dual sensor camera only requires one IP address – offering a cost saving when integrating into Axis Camera Station VMS
  • Recordings can be stored locally to the on-board MicroSD card and used as a backup if the network fails

Compatible recording platforms

Typical applications

The advanced Axis Q8742-LE bispectral PTZ IP camera delivers reliable thermal detection and smooth real-time viewing in HD 1080p. The unit’s IR illuminators provide up to 500m of enhanced night vision, allowing users to responsively monitor large locations round-the-clock. Typical applications include airports, industrial sites and prison ground borders.



  • Installation guide
  • Axis PT IR Illuminator Kit C
  • Axis Surveillance MicroSD card (64 GB)
  • Connector kit
  • Torx T20 bit
  • Torx T30 bit

Optional (please select from the dropdown menu above if required):

  • Mounting accessories
  • Power supply

Key technical features of the Axis Q8742-LE

Environment: outdoor (IP66, NEMA 4X-rated)
Type: bispectral PTZ dome
Sensor: visual: 1/2.8" progressive scan CMOS, thermal: uncooled micro bolometer 640 x 480 pixels, pixel size: 17µm
Lens: visual: 4.3 - 129mm, F1.6-4.7, horizontal angle of view: 65.6° - 2°, autofocus, auto-iris, thermal: athermalised 35 mm, F1.2, near focus distance: 33m, horizontal angle of view: 17°
PTZ: pan: 360° endless, 0.05-120°/s, tilt: -90°-45°, 0.05-65°/s, jerk-free movements at low speed: ±0.01°/s, preset accuracy: 0.05°, 256 preset positions, guard tour, control queue, focus window, on-screen directional indicator, de-icing control, dynamic load balancing, visual: 30x optical zoom and 12x digital zoom, total 360x zoom, Focus recall
Power: 24 V AC/DC, typical: 16W, max: 204W, TVS 2000V, surge protection, voltage transient protection, I/O connector, output voltage: 12 V DC, max load: 50 mA
Memory: 512 MB RAM, 512 MB Flash
Resolution: visual: 1920 x 1080 to 320 x 180, thermal: 640 x 480 (image can be scaled up to 800 x 600)
Compression: H.264 (MPEG-4 Part 10/AVC) baseline, main and high profiles, Motion JPEG
Frame-rate: visual: up to 25 fps in HD 1080p, thermal: up to 8.3 fps and 30 fps
Bandwidth control: multiple, individually configurable streams in H.264 and Motion JPEG, controllable frame rate and bandwidth, VBR/MBR H.264, Axis' Zipstream technology in H.264
Day/night: automatically removable infrared cut-filter in night mode
Minimum illumination: visual: colour: 0.2 lux, b/w: 0.01 lux, 0.0 lux with IR illumination, IR illumination distance: up to 500m (without 10° x 10° diverging lenses), up to 240m (with 35° x 10° diverging lenses), up to 135m (with 60° x 25° diverging lenses), up to 100m (with 80° x 30° diverging lenses), up to 65m (with 120° x 50° diverging lenses)
Sensitivity: thermal: NETD < 70 mK
Video overlay: text and image
Imaging: visual: compression, colour, brightness, sharpness, contrast, local contrast, white balance, exposure control, exposure zones, automatic backlight compensation, fine tuning of behaviour at low light, 120 dB WDR - forensic capture, manual shutter time, text and image overlay, thermal: compression, brightness, sharpness, contrast, local contrast, exposure control, exposure zones, text and image overlay
Viewing, detecting and recording
Privacy masking: 20 individual 3D privacy masks
Number of users: not given
Alarm detection: video motion detection, support for Axis Camera Application Platform
Alarm action: record video: SD card and network share, upload of images or video clips: FTP, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, network share and email, notification: email, HTTP, HTTPS, TCP and SNMP trap, PTZ: PTZ preset, start/stop guard tour, overlay text, external output activation, wiper sequence, washer sequence
Pre-/post-alarm buffer: yes
On-camera recording: support for microSD/SDHC/SDXC card 
Direct-to-NAS storage: yes
Recording software supported: Axis Camera Station
Power: 24 V AC/DC, typical: 16W, max: 204W, TVS 2000V, surge protection, voltage transient protection, I/O connector, output voltage: 12 V DC, max load: 50 mA
Network: RJ45 for 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX PoE
SD card slot: SD card
Other: SFP slot (SFP module not included), power connector, I/O connector: 6-pin terminal block with 4 configurable inputs/outputs
Dimensions: 495 x 360 582mm
Weight: 19.3kg
Casing: IP66 and NEMA 4X-rated powder coated aluminium, front window: visual: glass, thermal: germanium, long-life silicone wiper, weathershield: high-impact UV-stabilised thermoplastic
Warranty: 3 years
Mounting methods: mounting options available separately 
Operating temperatures: normal: -50°C - 55°C, arctic temperature control: start-up at -40°C
Power consumption: typical: 16W, max: 204W
Dynamic DNS: yes
Protocols supported: IPv4/v6, HTTP, HTTPS, SSL/TLS, QoS Layer 3 DiffServ, FTP, SFTP, CIFS/SMB, SMTP, Bonjour, UPnPTM, SNMP v1/v2c/v3 (MIB-II), DNS, DynDNS, NTP, RTSP, RTP, TCP, UDP, IGMP, RTCP, ICMP, DHCP, ARP, SOCKS, SSH, NTCIP
QoS: yes
Security: password protection, IP address filtering, HTTPS encryption, IEEE 802.1Xa network access control, digest authentication, user access log, centralised certificate management
ONVIF compliant: yes, profile S
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