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Axis T90D25 PoE white-light LED illuminator, 10° - 80° and up to 110m distance

Axis T90D25 PoE white-light LED illuminator, 10° - 80° and up to 110m distance
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  • Outdoor-ready white-light LED illuminator
  • Designed for use with Axis network cameras
  • 10°-80° beam angle
  • Up to 110m range of reach
  • Axis 5-year warranty
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Overview of the Axis T90D25

The outdoor-ready, Axis T90D25 PoE white-light LED illuminator can be used in combination with any Axis IP camera to enhance surveillance in dark conditions.

Using the latest in LED technology, this unit can deliver an evenly balanced white-light beam, whilst minimising overexposure of foreground objects and reducing the amount of light wastage. It’s default lens, which has a 10° beam angle and an illumination range of 110m, is ideal for monitoring long distances. Three additional diverging lenses (35°, 60° and 80°) are also included - allowing the user to pick the most appropriate lens angle for their needs.

Image of Axis T90D IR illuminator beam angles

An optional 120° lens is available if an even wider beam angle is required and provides an illumination distance of up to 18m. (please select from dropdown menu).

Power-over-Ethernet supplies the unit with power over a single Ethernet cable and allows it to be plugged into a PoE midspan or switch - for a quick and cost-effective installation. In addition, users can remotely fine-tune both photocell sensitivity and LED intensity by using the optional remote control (please select in dropdown menu).

An array of mounting accessories are available, please select from the above menu.

Please note: this illuminator does not come with a power supply, please select from the dropdown menu above if required.

Key features and benefits

  • White-light illuminator provides improved, low-light monitoring in locations with poor light levels
  • Ideal as a visual deterrent for potential trespassers
  • IP66-rated housing is suitable for outdoor use and provides protection from harsh weather conditions
  • A range of diverging lenses allow the user to choose the most effective beam angle and illumination range to meet their requirements
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) support reduces cabling and helps to simplify installation
  • The holographic lens technology in each lens ensures even illumination for clear, night-time monitoring
  • Optional remote control allows quick fine tuning from the ground

Typical applications

The T90D25 white-light illuminator delivers full colour surveillance of outdoor areas and can act as a visual deterrent for potential intruders. Typical applications include car parks, storage yards and school grounds.

Included accessories

  • Three diverging lenses for different beam angle: 35°, 60° and 80°
  • 120° diverging lens
  • Mounting accessories
  • Remote control
  • Power supply

Key technical features for the Axis T90D25

Type: 6000 K
Environment: indoor and outdoor (IP66 and IK09-rated)
Casing: aluminium and polycarbonate, colour: white and silver
Power: AC/DC variant: 12-24 V AC/DC, PoE variant: power-over-ethernet (PoE) IEEE 802.3at Type 1 Class 3
Dimensions: 100mm (W) x 135mm (H) x 66mm (D)
Weight: 950g
Power Consumption: 25W max
Cable Length: 2.5m (8.2ft)
Maximum Illumination Angle: with standard lens 10° x 10°: 110m, with diverging lens 35° x 10°: 65m, with diverging lens 60° x 25°: 35m, with diverging lens 80° x 30°: 25m, with diverging lens 120° x 50°: 18m (optional) 
Distance: 18 - 110m (dependent on lens choice)
Operating temperatures: -50°C - 50°C
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