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Veracity Highwire VHW-HWPS-ERK4-UK four channel video encoder replacement kit [VHW-HWPS-ERK4-UK]

Veracity Highwire VHW-HWPS-ERK4-UK four channel video encoder replacement kit
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Overview of the Veracity VHW-HWPS-ERK4-UK

This Veracity VHW-HWPS-ERK4-UK kit consists of the Veracity VHW-HWPS-B4 four channel base unit, four separate Veracity VHW-HWPS-C client units and the VPSU-57V-1500 power supply. Designed as a direct replacement for legacy analogue video encoders, this handy kit allows users to keep existing coax cabling during the process of converting analogue systems into digital IP systems.

The all-in-one kit provides a cost-effective solution for delivering Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) without the need of new cabling. It's straightforward to install with no hardware configuration required, and delivers up to 200Mbit/s of bandwidth and power-over-coax at up to 300m (RG-59) or 500m (RG-11). Both base and client units also feature a helpful LED display, which gives confirmation of network and power status via the cable - with no need to access remote equipment to check connections.

Key features & benefits

  • Handy kit includes a 4-ch base unit, 4 individual client units and an 80W power supply
  • Allows analogue camera systems to be upgraded to digital systems without having to replace cabling
  • Provides network connection up to a distance of 500m
  • Both Power-over-Ethernet and PoE+ are supported
  • Straightforward installation with no hardware configuration required

Typical applications

The Veracity VHW-HWPS-ERK4-UK kit can be used to replace legacy video encoders in medium to large CCTV systems that require the upgrade of analogue cameras to IP cameras - whilst allowing existing coax cabling to be kept.

Key technical features for the Veracity VHW-HWPS-ERK4-UK

Ethernet connector type: RJ-45 Ethernet connection
Highwire connector type: base unit: 4 x BNC 75 Ohm, client unit: 1 x BNC 75 Ohm
Power input: 57V DC, up to 6A via a 2-pin detachable screw terminal (supplied) or a 2 pin Micro-Fit power connector 
Power output: base unit: IEEE 802.3af (PoE) or IEEE 802.3at (PoE Plus) up to 25W per channel, client unit: IEEE 802.3af (PoE) or IEEE 802.3at (PoE Plus)
Range: up to 300m 1000ft on RG59 or 500 metres 1640 feet on RG11 at full rate
Bandwidth: 200 Mbps (total up + down) x 4
Power consumption: base unit: 4.5W, client unit: 1.5W
Dimensions: base unit: 173 (L) mm x 110 (W) mm x 22 (H) mm, client unit: 104 (L) mm x 54 (W) mm x 24 (H) mm
Weight: base unit: 356g, client unit: 140g
Warranty: 5 years
Operating temperatures: 0°C to 40°C 
LEDs: HIGHWIRE coax link, Ethernet link/activity, PoE-over-coax
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