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Bosch MIC7000 infrared/white light LED illuminator with up to 30° beam angle and up to 300m distance

Bosch MIC7000 infrared/white light LED illuminator with up to  30° beam angle and up to 300m distance

This product is now discontinued, for alternative products please see LED Illuminators

Overview of the Bosch MIC7000 illuminator

This IP68 and IK10-rated illuminator can be fitted to any Bosch MIC network camera, enhancing night vision at a range of up to 300m. The units dual-pod housing incorporates a combination of long-life infrared (IR) LEDs, which offer a 30° horizontal beam angle and white light LEDs that provide a beam angle up to 25°.

The robust unit’s diffuser technology ensures even illumination across the entire scene and users can switch between white light and IR light sources with a single click. Automatic timeout can also be set, which triggers the illuminator to automatically operate in IR mode when white light mode is deactivated.

Please note: this illuminator is available in black, grey or white. Please select in the dropdown menu above.

Key features & benefits

  • White light and IR LED illuminator provides either full colour or low-light surveillance in locations with insufficient lighting
  • Illuminator can be fitted to and powered by any Bosch MIC PTZ network camera
  • Robust, IP68 and IK10-rated housing provides high level protection in exposed installations
  • White light LEDs are suitable for installation in areas where white light can be used as a visual deterrent
  • Infrared LEDs provide non-invasive monitoring in locations where the use of artificial light is restricted
  • 3D Diffuser technology ensures even illumination across the entire scene

Typical applications

The Bosch MIC7000 illuminator consists of both white light and infrared LEDs, and can be easily connected to any Bosch MIC network camera to help enhance CCTV surveillance in areas with less that optimum light levels. Typical applications include ports, large warehouses and industrial sites.

Key technical features for the Bosch MIC7000 illuminator

Type: white light (6) and IR (20) LED illuminator
Environment: outdoor (IP68 and IK10-rated)
Casing: corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy with polycarbonate windows
Power: 30W (provided by the MIC7000 IP camera)
Dimensions: 215mm (W) x 115mm (H) x 117mm (D)
Weight: 1.2kg
Power Consumption: 30W max
Cable Length: not given
Maximum Illumination Angle: white light: horizontal beam angle: 25°FWHM, vertical beam angle: 13°FWHM, IR: horizontal beam angle: 30°FWHM, vertical beam angle: 15°FWHM
Distance: up to 300m (light source and IP camera model dependent)
Operating temperatures: -50°C - 60°C
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