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Axis 5507-711 4-in-1 security screwdriver kit

Axis 5507-711 4-in-1 security screwdriver kit
£32.00   £38.40 inc VAT
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  • Designed to simplify installation
  • Includes stainless-steel insert bits
  • Axis 3-year warranty

Overview of the Axis 4-in-1 security screwdriver kit

This Axis 4-in-1 security screwdriver kit is a handy tool that has been designed to make installing Axis products a more straightforward task.

An ideal addition to any CCTV installer’s tool box, the kit includes two double-sided insert bits that match any Axis product using tamper resistant Torx or standard Phillips head screws. These robust insert bits are made of either stainless-steel (TR20 and TR30) or chrome vanadium (TR10 and PH1).

The kit also comes with a quick-release, non-slip rubber handle and a Velcro-sealed polyester pouch with belt clip.

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