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SecuritySpy video surveillance monitoring and recording for the Mac - 32 camera licence

SecuritySpy video surveillance monitoring and recording for the Mac - 32 camera licence
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Price: Discontinued  
This item has been discontinued

This product has been discontinued. For an alternative, please see our range of software options.

Overview of the SecuritySpy - 32 camera licence

SecuritySpy is a versatile video management system that can be run on a Mac device to provide a reliable IP video surveillance solution. The software allows users to view live feeds, playback recordings and manage the settings of up to 32 IP cameras. Additional licences are also available (sold separately) - enabling users to scale up their system easily.

Compatible with a wide range of IP camera manufacturers including Axis and Hikvision, the software also includes an intuitive user interface - enabling the straightforward configuration of system and camera settings.

Users can schedule recordings to run continuously (Continuous Capture), as well as in response to audio detection, motion detection (Motion Capture) or external triggers. The remote viewing feature provides access to the system via an Internet browser or, through server/client mode which allows multiple instances of the software to stream back to a central location.

Please note: this licence supports up to 32 camera channels. To add camera channels to your system you will need to purchase additional SecuritySpy for Mac camera licences.

Key features & benefits

  • Thirty-two camera SecuritySpy licence offers flexible video surveillance for up to 32 IP cameras on a Mac device
  • Compatible with a wide range of IP cameras and devices – please refer to the SecuritySpy supported camera list
  • Camera resolutions up to 4K are supported for detail packed footage
  • Quick and easy configuration of settings through the software’s intuitive user interface
  • Remote access to software using an Internet browser or through server/client mode
  • Users can view the system through any iOS mobile device or Apple TV box using the SecuritySpy iOS/tvOS app
  • Recordings can be scheduled continuously, on an event-basis or customised to specific time frames
  • Video motion and audio detection, alongside connected external devices can be used to trigger recordings
  • ‘Actions’ such as email notification or audio clips can be scheduled on an event-basis to inform users of activity
  • Support for two-way audio live streaming and recording through compatible Axis cameras
  • “Virtual joystick” featured on camera viewing windows facilitates easy camera control of PTZ units
  • Pre-alarm buffer ensures all activity is captured by recording around the time of a triggered alarm
  • Motion detection masks exclude specific areas from detection – helping to reduce false alarms in areas with constant movement
  • Easy investigation and retrieval of recordings using the browser menu
  • Manual export of data provides efficient management of recordings
  • Playback frame rate can be set during export – allowing the user to create ‘time-lapse’ style videos

System requirements

  • 64-bit version: any Mac running macOS (Mac OS X) 10.8 - 10.12.
  • 32-bit version: any Mac running macOS (Mac OS X) 10.7 - 10.12.

Please see the SecuritySpy Requirement Calculator to find out what Mac is required for a particular camera setup.

This item has been discontinued