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Axis T8331 indoor PIR motion detector

Axis T8331 indoor PIR motion detector
  • Detects movement at up to 12m distance
  • Alternative to on-camera motion detection
  • Powered through any Axis 12V DC I/O port
  • Axis 3-year warranty

Overview of the Axis T8331

This product is discontinued, an alternative model can be found on the Axis accessories page

This compact PIR motion detector from Axis uses passive infrared technology to detect movement at a distance of up to 12m (when mounted at a height of 1.5m – 2.4m) - even in darkness.

By delivering high levels of accuracy and reducing the number of false alarms, PIR motion detection offers a suitable alternative to camera-based motion detection - which can sometimes be less reliable if lighting conditions are challenging.

The unit can be easily connected and powered through any Axis 12 V DC I/O port, meaning it is compatible with a wide selection of Axis IP cameras. It’s also supplied with a tripod thread bracket which makes it possible to install the PIR to a standard camera mount for precise alignment of the detector.



  • Installation guide
  • Tripod thread bracket
  • Mounting bracket

Key technical features for the Axis T8331

PIR sensor
Environment: indoor
Supported cameras:  compatible with all Axis cameras using the 12 V I/O ports, view the full compatibility list at www.axis.com
Power: input power: 12 V DC (power from camera I/O)
Detection method: passive infrared
Detection zones: 78 zones
Distance: 12 x 12m
Angle: 85° wide
Mounting: wall (indoor), tripod thread
Mounting height: 1.5 to 2.4m
Warm-up period: 30s
Operating conditions: -20°C - 50°C
Dimensions: 93(H) x 61(W) x 46(D) mm
Weight: 0.7kg
Warranty: 3 years
Separator This item has been discontinued Separator