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Veracity Longspan network connection extender (client unit) with PoE support up to 1km

Veracity Longspan network connection extender (client unit) with PoE support up to 1km
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  • Client model connects to the remote device
  • Extend network connection up to 1km
  • Diagnosis of power via SafeView LEDs

Overview of the Veracity Longspan (client unit)

The Veracity Longspan transmits power and data to camera equipment at distances of up to 1km. The unit accepts IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at Power over Ethernet, as well as a Veracity 57V DC power supply (VPSU-57V-800, sold separately), powering devices through the network connection, so that no local power source is required. The connection requires no repeaters with breaks in the cable which improves reliability on long ethernet cable runs.

The built-in SafeView LEDs show the power available for connected devices at-a-glance with no configuration required. Up to 24 Longspan units can be rack-mounted when used with the Veracity 1U kit (VLS-1U, sold separately), providing easy organisation for large-scale systems.

Please note: Two versions of this device are available: This is the client model (camera side) which connects to the remote device. A base model (switch side) which transmits the network signal is also available. Both can be purchased as a Longspan bundle.

Key features & benefits

  • Long distance connections - provide network connection up to a distance of 1km
  • Provide power through the network connection - no need for localised power
  • Reliable and robust - no need to break the cable to add repeaters
  • Compatible with PoE and PoE Plus equipment - suited to both low and high-consumption devices
  • SafeView LEDs - shows the power available for devices at the end point
  • Rack mountable - organise units easily by rack mounting
  • No configuration required - simple plug and play installation

Typical applications

This device is suited to CCTV systems on large sites without an existing network or power infrastructure and where PoE IP camera equipment is to be used.

Power/distance availability

Power requirementsIEEE802.3afIEEE802.3at57 supply
Cat6Cat5e Cat6Cat5e Cat6Cat5e
5 Watts 1050m950m 1050m950m 1050m950m
10 Watts 600m450m 1050m950m 1050m950m
15 Watts N/AN/A 700m550m 1000m800m
20 Watts N/AN/A 500m350m 750m600m
25 Watts N/AN/A N/AN/A 600m450m

Key technical features for the Veracity Longspan

Environment: Indoor
Connections: 2x 10/100 RJ-45 Ethernet connections
Power input: IEEE802.3af or IEEE802.3at Power over Ethernet or 57V DC
Power output: IEEE802.3af or IEEE802.3at Power over Ethernet
Power consumption: 1.0W
Dimensions: 23mm x 36mm x 120mm (including mounting brackets)
Weight: 100g
Warranty: 5 years
Mounting methods: Lugs attached for wall mounting. Rack mountable with kit (VLS-1U)
Operating temperatures: -40 to 70°C
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