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Axis T90B35 white LED illuminator, 10° - 80° and up to 150m distance

Axis T90B35 white LED illuminator, 10° - 80° and up to 150m distance

This product is now discontinued, an alternative model is the Axis T90D35

Overview of the Axis T90B35

The outdoor-ready T90B35 white light illuminator can be used in conjunction with any Axis network camera to enhance surveillance at night.

The illuminator's default lens provides a 10° beam angle with an illumination distance of up to 150m, ideal for monitoring long distances at night. A choice of three diverging lenses are included that offer 35°, 60° and 80° beam angles, allowing the user to choose the best lens to suit their lighting requirements. Additionally, holographic lens technology ensures the unit emits an evenly distributed beam of light without any hot spots.

Image of Axis T90B white light illuminator beam angles

There is an optional 120° diverging lens available (please select from dropdown menu) that provides up to 20m of illumination, suitable for monitoring very wide scenes in complete darkness.

The white light LED illuminator can be configured to turn on and off via the integrated photocell, or through a connected camera’s I/O port (camera model dependent) or with a PIR sensor. Remote fine-tuning of both photocell sensitivity and illumination is possible with the use of an optional control pad (please select in dropdown menu).

A variety of mounting accessories are available, please select from the above menu.

Please note: this illuminator does not come with a power supply, please select from the drop down menu above if required.

Key features and benefits

  • White light illuminator provides full colour surveillance in environments with insufficient lighting
  • Suitable for installation in areas where white light can be used as a visual deterrent
  • Robust, IP66-rated housing is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • 3 additional diverging lenses provide a flexible choice of illumination options
  • The holographic lens technology in each lens ensures even illumination for clear, night-time monitoring
  • Easy fine tuning from the ground using the optional remote control

Typical applications

The T90B35 white light illuminator provides full colour monitoring of outdoor areas that may require a visual deterrent. This flexible unit offers 3 additional diverging lenses and is an ideal solution for the 24 hour surveillance of areas including airports, car parks and storage yards.

Included accessories

  • Three diverging lenses for different beam angle: 35°, 60° and 80°
  • Power supply
  • 120° diverging lens
  • Mounting accessories
  • Remote control

Key technical features for the Axis T90B35

Type: 5700 K
Environment: outdoor
Casing: outdoor, aluminium and polycarbonate, colour: white and silver
Power: 12-24 V AC/DC
Dimensions: 135mm (L) x 180mm (H) x 95mm (D)
Weight: 1.6kg
Power Consumption: 48W max
Cable Length: 2.5m (8ft)
Maximum Illumination Angle: with standard lens 10° x 10°: 150m, with diverging lens 35° x 10°: 80m, with diverging lens 60° x 25°: 45m, with diverging lens 80° x 30°: 30m
Distance: 30 - 150m dependent on lens choice
Operating temperatures: -50°C - 50°C

Documentation for the Axis T90B35

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