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Axis T90B40 dual panel infrared LED illuminator, 10° - 140° and up to 310m distance

Axis T90B40 dual panel infrared LED illuminator, 10° - 140° and up to 310m distance

This product is now discontinued, for alternative models please see LED Illuminators

Overview of the Axis T90B40

This dual panel infrared LED illuminator can be used alongside any Axis network camera with an infrared cut filter to enhance monitoring at night.

The unit comprises of two LED panels that can be used together or independently. Each default lens has a 10° beam angle that provides a 310m illumination range and when combined as a pair, the resulting 20° beam can reach up to 220m. Three pairs of diverging lenses are included, offering alternative beam angles for a versatile lighting solution. Additionally, holographic lens technology ensures an even distribution of light throughout the whole beam, without any hot spots.

Image of Axis T90B IR illuminator beam angles

An optional pair of 120° diverging lenses are available (please select from dropdown menu) that combine to provide a panoramic 180° beam angle and 45m illumination distance – ideal to light up an area in front of a wall mounted IP camera.

The dual illuminator can be configured to turn on and off either by the integrated photocell or via a connected camera’s I/O port (camera model dependent) or PIR sensor. With the use of an optional remote control (please select in dropdown menu), both photocell sensitivity and illumination intensity can be fine-tuned easily from the ground.

A variety of mounting accessories are available, please select from the above menu.

Please note: this illuminator does not come with a power supply, please select from the drop down menu above if required.

Key features and benefits

  • Infrared illuminator provides reliable, low-light surveillance in environments that need additional lighting
  • Unobtrusive 850 nm LEDs offer non-invasive monitoring, ideal where the use of artificial light is restricted
  • Panels can be used separately or together for maximum effect
  • Housing is suitable for outdoor use and can operate in temperatures as low at -50°C
  • Three pairs of diverging lenses allow the user to select the most effective illumination angle for the scene
  • Holographic lens technology ensure the illuminators emit an evenly distributed beam of light, with no hotspots
  • Easy fine tuning from the ground using the optional remote control

Typical applications

The T90B40 dual infrared illuminator provides unobtrusive, outdoor monitoring at night. The additional diverging lenses offer flexibility when matching illumination angles to the camera’s field of view. Typical applications could include train stations, warehouse loading bays and university campuses.

Included accessories

  • Three diverging lenses for different beam angle: 35°, 60° and 80°
  • 120° diverging lens
  • Mounting accessories
  • Remote control
  • Power supply

Key technical features for the Axis T90B40

Type: 850nm
Environment: outdoor
Casing: outdoor, aluminium and polycarbonate, colour: black
Power: 12-24 V AC/DC
Dimensions: 223mm (H) x 279mm (W) x 131mm (D)
Weight: 4.5kg
Power Consumption: 96W max
Cable Length: 2.5m (8ft)
Maximum Illumination Angle: with standard lens: 10° x 10° (narrow angle): 310 m, with 2x standard lens: 20° x 10° (wide angle): 220 m
with diverging lens: 35° x 10° (narrow angle): 170 m, with 2x diverging lens: 70° x 10° (wide angle): 120 m
with diverging lens: 60° x 25° (narrow angle): 112 m, with 2x diverging lens: 120° x 25° (wide angle): 80 m
with diverging lens: 80° x 30° (narrow angle): 70 m, with 2x diverging lens: 140° x 30° (wide angle): 50 m
with optional diverging lens: 120° x 50° (narrow angle): 65 m, with 2x optional diverging leness: 180° x 50° (wide angle): 45 m
Distance: 45 - 310m dependent on lens choice
Operating temperatures: -50°C - 50°C

Documentation for the Axis T90B40

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