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Raytec Vario D-Zoom w8 white-light LED illuminator for use with PTZ camera, 10°-80° angle and up to 90m distance [VAR-DZ -w8-1]

Raytec Vario D-Zoom w8 white-light LED illuminator for use with PTZ camera, 10°-80° angle and up to 90m distance
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Overview of the Raytec Vario D-Zoom w8

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The Vario D-Zoom w8 white-light LED illuminator incorporates Raytec’s innovative zoomable lighting system with the capability to adjust the white-light spread between 10°-80° remotely, without any moving parts. This zoom capability ensures optimal lighting at all times and allows users to precisely match the illumination angle to the required field of view. The Vario D-Zoom w8 provides white-light illumination to enable a CCTV or PTZ camera to capture colour security footage at night-time and even in complete darkness. Operators can also use the illuminator to deter intruders.

Capable of producing a beam distance of up to 90m, the D-Zoom w8 is ideal for small to medium sized applications such as car parks and shopping centres. IP66-rated and vandal-resistant, the unit is suitable for installation in exposed indoor out outdoor spaces and Hot-spot Reduction Technology (HRT) generates enhanced lighting whilst preventing overexposure, for high quality image capture and easier identification.

Integrated in the D-Zoom w8 unit are standard features including photocell following output, in-built photocell for automatic on/off operation and a handy LED status indicator. Further features can be accessed using the optional Vario remote control (not included – please select from the drop down menu above if required), including power adjust, remote dimming, telemetry control and ground-level set up.


Please note: this illuminator does not come with a power supply, please select from the drop down menu above if required.

Key features & benefits

  • Provides flexible white-light spread between 10°-80° to illuminate a scene, enabling a PTZ camera to produce full colour images in complete darkness
  • The Vario zoomable lighting system easily integrates with any CCTV or PTZ camera and smoothly adjusts between angle without any moving parts
  • White-light provides a visual deterrent to warn off intruders
  • Maximum beam distance of 90m, ideal for small to medium sized applications such as car parks and train stations
  • Enhanced white-light illumination with reduced overexposure from Hot-spot Reduction Technology (HRT)
  • LED status indicator provides quick operational feedback
  • Included bracket to install to walls or ceilings
  • Operators can use the optional Vario remote control (not included – please select from above if required)
  • 5 year warranty
  • Ideal for use in exposed areas as the unit is IP66-rated and vandal-resistant
  • Supports 12/24V power input

Typical applications

The Raytec Vario D-Zoom w8 white-light LED illuminator is ideal for use in CCTV systems that have PTZ cameras, and for applications that require detailed identification at night-time. Typical examples include shopping centres, entrances and exits, building grounds and car parks.



  • 10° - 80° angle Vario holograhpic lens
  • Wall/ceiling mount bracket

Optional (please select from the drop down menu above if required):

  • Power supply
  • Raytec Vario remote control

Key technical features for Raytec Vario D-Zoom i8

Max distance:90m at 10°
Angle:10° to 80° - smooth transition
Wavelength:white-light (5,700k)
Colour Rendition Index (CRI):74-80
Integrated standard features:in-built photocell for automatic on/off operation, LED status indicator provides status on performance of the unit, photocell following output
Integrated advanced features:power adjust from 20-100%, photocell sensitivity adjust, timer function (up to 30 mins), telemetry control, remote dimming, LED status indicator on/off, restore factory default settings. (Accessed via VARIO remote control)
Consumption:48W max
Input:12-24V AC or DC
Environmental:outdoor IP66
Temp range:-50 to +50°C
Cable length:2.5m
Cable specification:RED/BLACK – power, WHITE/YELLOW – photocell following contact output, ORANGE/PURPLE – telemetry input, BLUE/GREEN – zoom control
Dimensions:135 x 180 x 68.2mm

Introduction video to Raytec Vario illuminators:

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