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Vista VKBD4 professional CCTV control keyboard with full 3-axis PTZ joystick, backlit keys and ergonomic design

Vista VKBD4 professional CCTV control keyboard with full 3-axis PTZ joystick, backlit keys and ergonomic design

Overview of the Vista VKBD4 Keyboard

This product is now discontinued

Purpose-designed and ergonomic professional keyboard for high-performance CCTV control from Vista, complete with 3-axis joystick for PTZ control and menu navigation, multi-coloured backlit keys, soft-touch wrist support, RS422 and RS485 connectivity, made from stainless steel and ABS, and compatible with Vista QNVRs and speed domes. Also comes with power supply.

Purpose-designed for use in CCTV applications, the VKBD4 control keyboard from Vista provides a high-performance and robust system controller that is installer-friendly. Compatible with all Vista QNVRs and speed domes in addition to 3rd party devices through built-in multi-protocols permit integration, the Vista VKBD4 keyboard delivers operational flexibility. A 3-axis joystick and 31-tactile push button control keys enable easy navigation of menus and smooth pan, tilt and zoom control, with 6 keys automatically changing colour to indicate different modes.

Play, search, pause, fast forward, go to and archiving events are all features of Vista QNVRs that can be programmed and accessed using the VKBD4 play mode, whilst telemetry mode allows PTZ functionality and live mode allows multi-screen displays to be accessed and cameras to be selected to monitors.

The Vista VKBD4 offers a scalable control solution; up to 16 keyboards can be connected to a RS485 network and internal flash memory via mini USB connection allows fast and easy-to-use upgrading. Ergonomically designed, the VKBD4 is user-friendly and designed for comfortable operation.

It can directly control the PTZ functions (via RS485) of the VK2 PTZ domes.

Key technical indicators

  • Compatibility: Vista NVRs, DVRs and speed domes
  • Keys: 31 back lit LED keys (including 6 multifunction soft keys)
  • Joystick: 3-axis joystick for pan, tilt and zoom control and menu navigation
  • Connectors:
    • RS485: 2
    • USB: 2 x USB2, 1 x USB mini
    • Power: 2.1mm jack
    • Ethernet: (for future development)
  • Dimensions: 368mm x 205mm x 113mm
  • Weight: 1.12kg
  • Operating temperature: 0° - +30°
  • Input voltage: 9 – 12V DC
  • Consumption: 450mA



  • Vista VPS12-500 power supply
  • Hard copy English manual
  • Hard copy quick start
  • Soft copy, multi-lingual via CD
  • RJ45 lead, 2 metre
  • RJ45 break out box
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