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Axis M1025 indoor HD 1080p IP camera with MicroSD card recording, adjustable focus, HDMI output and PoE [0555-003]

Axis M1025 indoor HD 1080p IP camera with MicroSD card recording, adjustable focus, HDMI output and PoE
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This item has been discontinued

This product is discontinued, an alternative model is the Axis M1065-L

Overview of the Axis M1025

Mini-sized and suitable for indoor use, the Axis M1025 IP camera provides full HD 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second. It connects directly to an Ethernet network and supports Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), allowing the camera to operate with the installation of just a single cable, making installation easy.

The Axis M1025 has a memory card slot for on-camera recording and a HDMI output for connecting to a monitor or TV, which is handy in retail environments, whilst access to the camera is also possible via the local network, the internet and mobile devices. A wide 94° viewing angle and support for Axis Companion software makes the M1025 an attractive CCTV solution for small shops, cafes or offices.

Supplied with a stand as well as a mounting clamp, the M1025 can be installed desktop, wall or ceiling mounted or clamped to an existing structure such as a shelf or a pipe. Installation has been made easy by the camera's PoE capability, meaning that both data and power can be transmitted through an Ethernet cable, negating the need for electrical wiring and keeping costs down. Further cost-effectiveness and ease-of-set-up is provided by the camera's on-board support for SD card recording, which does away with the need to operate a separate device for recording. Also, Direct-to-NAS recording allows for video data to be sent directly from the camera to a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device, adding to the different setup options the Axis M1025 offers. The camera's setup wizard makes installation intuitive and quick.

Axis Companion software is a free PC-based software supplied with all Axis cameras. It is installed on a Windows PC or laptop and makes accessing live cameras and recorded footage stored on SD cards or a NAS quick and easy. iOS and Android apps are available for viewing via mobiles and tablets.

Other useful features include the adjustable focus setting on the camera's fixed lens, integrated video motion detection that can trigger alerts and start event recording as well as bandwidth control and multiple stream configuration in H.264 and Motion JPEG. Digital pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) and Axis' Corridor Format are also supported with the latter being useful in corridors, staircases, door entry points or cramped spaces such as elevators where a portrait-type image is needed. The built-in pixel counter helps with determining the level of person identification at time of camera installation, ensuring the required level of detail for identification purposes will be captured.

Key features & benefits

  • Crisp and smooth HD 1080p video capture at 30 frames per second
  • PoE support for easy and cost-effective one cable installation
  • HDMI output (HD 720p only) for video display on local monitor or TV (with micro HDMI input), useful in retail and reception areas
  • Fixed lens with manually adjustable focus
  • Various recording and storage options: support for edge recording using a MicroSD card (not included), Direct-to-NAS recording or use with a third
  • Supports Axis Companion software for use with MicroSD card or Direct-to-NAS recording set up
  • Video motion detection (VMD) with facility to send alerts via email and start event recording, reducing the use of bandwidth and storage capacity when compared with a permanent recording set up

Compatible recording platforms

Typical applications

Mini-sized and with flexible mounting options, the Axis M1025 can be used for CCTV in almost any indoor environment with stable and evenly spread light conditions such as in well lit shops and office buildings. Its Micro HDMI output for connecting the camera directly to a monitor or television makes it specifically suitable for use in shops, cafes, hotels and reception areas where public monitor display is a requirement.

Included accessories

  • Axis Camera Station recording software, 1 camera license
  • Power supply DC (Axis product number UK 0555-003, EU 0555-002)
  • Desktop / wall / ceiling mount bracket and clamp
  • Installation guide and CD
  • Windows decoder 1-user license

Key technical features for the Axis M1025

Type:fixed lens
Sensor:1/2.7" RGB CMOS progressive scan
Lens:3.6mm F2.8 fixed iris lens with manually adjustable focus, 94° viewing angle
Power:4.9 ~ 5.1V DC and PoE IEEE802.3af/802.3at Type 1 Class 1
Memory:256 MB RAM, 128 MB Flash
Resolution:1920 x 1080 (HD 1080p / 2 megapixel) to 320 x 240
Compression:H.264 Main Profile (MPEG-4 Part 10/AVC), Motion JPEG
Frame-rate:H.264: 25/30 frames per second (power line frequency 50/60Hz); Motion JPEG: 15 frames per second (power line frequency 50/60Hz)
Minimum illumination:1.5 lux, F2.8
Digital zoom/PTZ:digital PTZ, digital preset positions, digital guard tour
Video overlay:text and image overlay (network output only, not available on HDMI output)
Imaging:shutter speed: 1/8000 s to 1/6 s; settings: compression, colour, brightness, sharpness, contrast, white balance, exposure value, backlight compensation, rotation, privacy masking (network output only, not available on HDMI output), mirroring, Axis' Corridor Format, wide dynamic range (dynamic contrast)
Viewing, detection & recording
Privacy masking:yes (only on network output, not on HDMI output)
Alarm detection:video motion detection, active tampering alarm and Axis Camera Application Platform (ACAP) allowing use of additional applications such as Axis' virtual trip wire detection
Alarm actionfile upload via FTP, HTTP, network share and e-mail; notification by e-mail, HTTP and TCP; start video recording to MicroSD card, NAS or recording device (NVR)
Pre-/post-alarm buffer:yes
On-camera recording:yes, MicrosSD/MicroSDHC/MicroSDXC cards supported (card not included)
Direct-to-NAS storage:yes, compatible with Buffalo TeraStation NAS range
Recording software supported:Axis Camera Station, Axis Companion application
Mobile support:yes, iOS and Android apps available
Compatible recording platforms (not included)
Software:Axis Camera Station, Milestone XProtect, SecuritySpy (for Mac OSX)
Power:4.9 - 5.1 V DC jack
Network:male RJ-45 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX, PoE
Card slot:MicrosSD / MicroSDHC / MicroSDXC
Other:Micro HDMI video out compatible with DVI (720p @ 30/25fps)
Dimensions:118mm (H) x 70mm (W) x 45mm (D, excluding stand / clamp)
Warranty:3 years
Mounting methods:ceiling, desktop, wall, clamping
Operating temperatures:0 ~ 50°C
Power consumption:DC: 6.5W max; PoE: 3.84W max
Dynamic DNS:yes
Protocols supported:IPv4/v6, HTTP, HTTPS, SSL/TLS, QoS Layer 3 DiffServ, FTP, CIFS/SMB, SMTP, Bonjour, UPnP, SNMPv1/v2c/v3(MIB-II), DNS, DynDNS, NTP, RTSP, RTP, TCP, UDP, IGMP, RTCP, ICMP, DHCP, ARP, SOCKS
Security:password protection, IP address filtering, HTTPS encryption, IEEE 802.1X network access control, digest authentication, user access log
ONVIF compliant:yes

Video showing the features of the Axis M1025:

This video shows some example footage captured from the Axis M1025:

This item has been discontinued
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