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LILIN IM05108 infrared LED illuminator with 10° angle beam up to 250m range, IP67 rated for outdoor use

LILIN IM05108 infrared LED illuminator with 10° angle beam up to 250m range, IP67 rated for outdoor use

This product is now discontinued, for alternative models see LED Illuminators

Overview of the LILIN IM05108

The LILIN IM05108 infrared illuminator provides a 250m infrared spread at a 10° angle using 24 infrared LED lights for long-distance illumination. The adjustable control point feature of the LILIN IM05108 enables the distance of the infrared beam to be altered to suit different surveillance requirements and to match the camera’s field of view. The IM05108 illuminator has fitted 'sensor auto control' which manages the LED output relevant to the appropriate lighting conditions. The IP67 rating enables the illuminator to be used outside with protection against dust and rain and the aluminium and polycarbonate body is robust for durability.

The LILIN IM05108 can be mounted to the ceiling or wall and is made from durable aluminium and polycarbonate.

Key technical indicators

  • Power input voltage: AC100 240V
  • Radiant distance: 250m
  • Wave length: 850nm
  • Beam angle: 10°
  • Power on: sensor auto control, adjustable control point
  • IP rating: IP67
  • Mounting: Ceiling and wall
  • Construction: aluminium and polycarbonate
  • Power consumption: 42W
  • Operating temperature: -40°C +50°C (-40°F +122°F)
  • Dimensions: main Body: 172mm(W) x 242mm(H) x 102.5mm(D), bracket: 165mm(W) x 192.5mm(H) x 132mm(D)
  • Weight: 2100g
  • Warranty: 3 years

Typical applications

The LILIN IM05108 infrared illuminator is for use with cameras with an infrared cut filter and are therefore sensitive to infrared light.



  • Bracket
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