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Milestone XProtect Expert video surveillance software, camera licence

Milestone XProtect Expert video surveillance software, camera licence
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Suitable for distributed IP camera installations, this scalable video management solution features powerful central management interfaces to enable easy configuration and day-to-day operation of larger systems.
  • One licence required for each IP device
  • Compatible with over 4000 IP devices
  • Multi-server and multi-site support
  • Powerful central management interfaces
  • XProtect Smart Client is supported
  • Device licence for XProtect Expert
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Overview of Milestone XProtect Expert - Camera Licence

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The Milestone XProtect Expert camera licence is for use only with a licenced XProtect Expert installation and is not a standalone product. A valid Milestone XProtect Expert base licence is required. Note, the purchase of a Milestone Care Plus plan is mandatory with XProtect Expert – please select your required plan coverage term from the option above.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Milestone XProtect Expert offers a scalable video management solution with no limit to the number of connected cameras
  • Multi-server and multi-site support allows XProtect Expert to be deployed across dispersed IP video systems
  • Simplified installation and daily operation of large systems with XProtect’s powerful central management interfaces
  • Reliable access to video through failover recording servers in the event of server-downtime
  • Support for camera-based storage acts as a data backup if the network fails
  • Microsoft Active Directory support allows user settings and profiles to be centrally managed
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  • Wide camera compatibility (up to 4000 IP cameras) with Open Platform design – ideal when integrating XProtect into existing systems
  • All IP cameras in a system can be used for motion detection using powerful software-based motion detection and triggers
  • Recordings can be triggered via connected external devices and video motion detection alarms to alert operators of events
  • Multi-layer maps give operators interactive access and complete overview of a system
  • Support for the delivery of audio messages as well as the ability to listen to camera-based audio in live or playback
  • Multi-live streaming enables multiple streams whilst optimising bandwidth use and viewing performance – ideal for installations with mixed network connections
  • Alarm manager provides a consolidated overview of security and system-related alarms
  • XProtect Smart Wall gives a complete overview of large surveillance systems, allowing view layouts to be easily defined and populated
  • PTZ patrols and unlimited pre-set positions are supported and can be set to trigger on an event basis
  • Support for archiving to Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices offers a secure and long-term data storage solution
  • XProtect add-on products and third-party software integrations enhance functionality and add value to an already comprehensive surveillance software solution
  • Simple access to the system at all times with Milestone’s XProtect Smart Client, Web Client and Milestone Mobile application
  • Configuration wizards and automatic camera detection facilitates simple system set up
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