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Axis T95A10 outdoor dome housing for use with Axis PTZ dome cameras

Axis T95A10 outdoor dome housing for use with Axis PTZ dome cameras
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Mounting options:

This product is discontinued

Overview of the Axis T95A10

The Axis T95A10 dome housing is designed to house and protect Axis PTZ dome cameras from dusty conditions and wet weather. With a top-opening design that allows easy access to the camera and cabling, the T95A10 is ideal for when maintenance is required.

The die-cast aluminium housing is IP66-rated, helping to protect the camera from the elements. A built-in heater ensures that cameras can operate at temperatures as low as -30°C. The housing comes supplied with a sunshield, heating unit and connector to allow for easy installation. An optional wall bracket is also available (please select from above drop down menu if required).

Key features & benefits of the Axis T95A10

  • Top-opening system allows for easy access to the camera and cabling when maintenance is required
  • Designed for use with cameras which have up to 35x zoom, ensuring superior optical clarity
  • IP66-rated die-cast aluminium housing helps protect against dusty conditions and harsh weather
  • Able to operate at low temperatures using fan-assisted heaters



  • Sunshield
  • Thermostat controlled heaters and fans
  • Smoked dome
  • Clear dome
  • Installation Guide

Optional mounting brackets (please select from above drop down menu if required):

  • Wall
  • Ceiling/parapet
  • Extension
  • Base
  • Corner
  • Pole

Key technical features for the Axis T95A10

Environment: indoor / outdoor
Dimensions: with sunshield: 335mm(H) x 351mm(D); without sunshield: 335mm(H) x 322mm (D)
Weight: 3.8kg
Colour: white grey
Casing: die-cast aluminium , epoxypolyester powder painted; removable sunshield in ABS
Protection rating: IP66-rated
Power: input: 24V AC – requires 24V AC mains adapter (5000-001) output: 24V AC or 12V DC, max 2 A (recommended power supply: Axis PS24, available seperately)
Operating temperatures: from -20 to 50° (dependent on model of camera, please see datasheet for further information)
Compatible cameras: Axis 213 PTZ, Axis 214 PTZ, Axis 215 PTZ, Axis 231D+, Axis 232D+ and Axis 233D+
Included accessories: sunshield, thermostat controlled heaters and fans, smoked and clear dome bubble, installation guide
Optional mounting brackets: wall, ceiling/parapet, extension, base, corner, pole (brackets sold separately, please select from above drop down menu if required)

Documentation for the Axis T95A10

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